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Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors


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COMPACT DYNAMIC BRUSHLESS SERVO Low inertia and compact length for high performance applications For over two decades, the name Moog has been associated with brushless servo drives and servo motors offering the highest dynamics, power density and reliability. These products are designed as a system to deliver superior servo performance. Moog offers a broad range of standard designs as well as solutions tailored to meet your unique application requirements. Moog Brushless Servo Motors and Drives are found on a variety of high performance applications. Moog Compact Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors (CD Series) are electronically commutated synchronous AC motors with permanent magnet field excitation. CD Series Servo Motors are designed for highly dynamic servo applications where positioning times of 30 ms or less are often the norm. The series offers one of the industry's widest power ranges with standard models available at continuous torque ratings from 0.15 to 74.2 Nm (1.3 to 657 Ibf in). Moog's application engineers are experts in helping to create the exact design for your unique needs. All Moog Servo Motors are manufactured in-house and the use of tight machining tolerances, precision balancing and thorough production testing guarantee a long service life. • Superior dynamics improves cycle construction for flexible machine • Proprietary low-cogging design • Rugged, minimum maintenance • Metal forming and presses WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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TECHNICAL DATA G = CD Series Servo Motor M = Winding voltage (M = Low voltage, 325 VDC with NTC thermal sensor) V = Winding voltage (V = High voltage, 565 VDC with PTC thermal sensor) Please see full catalog for details. 2) Low voltage versions of G-2 to G-6 available (e.g. G-4-M4). 3) Nominal speed can be easily adjusted by changing the stator windings. Please contact your local Moog application engineer for information. Moog has offices around the world. For more information or the office nearest you, contact E-mail: Moog is a registered trademark of Moog Inc. and its...

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