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Brush Torque Motors Technical Data Sheet


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Brush Motors TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Speed and rotation control systems • Gimbals for FLIR and inertial navigation systems • Stabilized gun and fire control systems for combat vehicles • Fire control radars for land and ship board defense • Cockpit instrumentation for military and commercial aircraft • Missle seeker and fin actuator systems • Space and vacuum instruments, actuation systems and momentum wheels • Double insulated high temp magnet wire minimizes leakage current, promotes superior insulation • Molded brush block assembly features interchangeable brush blocks, optimizing brush position on commutator. Brush contour is done on automatic tooling rather than “run-in” individually. • Brushes mechanically fastened to brush spring in addition to soldering assures brush alignment during soldering operation plus proper mechanical and electrical bond between brush spring and brush. • Stable high temp encapsulation material minimizes movement or working of windings under large temperature variations. This high temp material will not crack under temperature variations, and eliminates voids, exposed windings and humidity traps. • Special magnetic material alloy allows higher torque per unit of volume, higher torque to inertia ratio. • Plated magnet assemblies resist environmental extremes and require no special handling • Rare earth magnets typical • High torque and low speed • High torque to inertia ratio • Low speed with high accuracy • Compact • Large axial holes through armature for easy application to shafts and bosses Note: This catalog contains basic marketing information and general part descriptions of Moog Components Group product lines. With respect to the U.S. export regulations, the products described herein are controlled by the U.S. Commerce Department or the U.S. State Department. Contact Moog Components Group for additional detail on the export controls that are applicable to your part. Moog Components Group designs and manufactures precision motion technology components and subsystems for defense, aerospace and industrial applications. Our specialty DC brush torque and servomotors can be supplied housed with a variety of shaft configurations but typically as a direct drive rotor / stator part-set that will be directly attached to the load. This form of attachment eliminates backlash and increases servo stiffness for an optimized direct drive system. DC torque motors are used in applications that require high torque at slow speeds with input power minimized. Our DC servomotors are used in applications that require high speed and positional accuracy. Custom controllers can be supplied on a design-to-specification basis. For more information about how this product can be tailored to fit your specific application, contact our applications engineers. Moog Components Group • www.moog.c

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Design Considerations All diameters listed have finished, ground lamination surfaces. They can be complemented with rings and hubs for mounting convenience. Moog Components Group torque motors are normally delivered in kit form. If you require integral bearings such as, a cartridge assembly containing a torquer motor and synchro, potentiometer or similar component, we can design the entire assembly to your mechanical dimensions and performance requirements. Mounting Considerations Since torque motors are normally delivered in kit form, you provide the mounting surfaces and bearings. When...

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