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AXIS CONTROL VALVE WITH CLAMP CONTROL ALGORITHM Motion control solution for greater injection molding machines Clamp units in larger tonnage injection molding machines require precise motion control to ensure repeatability, reduce cycle time and improve productivity. Traditionally, clamp units have a natural frequency of lower than loHZ, which limits the control gain, lowers the hydraulic dampening and reduces precision in state position control. Thus, a high performance servovalve is critical for better control as it allows the machine builder to more aggressively follow the motion control profile. Our advanced state control algorithm optimizes clamp performance, providing better machine control. The Moog Axis Control Valve (ACV), in combination with the new state algorithm provides an integrated solution, enhancing the machine's production process by allowing higher precision control at stage positioning. This concept allows for dynamic control by increasing loop gain up to 3X over • More precise motion control at clamp axis with state control algorithm • Higher productivity due to faster processes, allowing shorter cycle times • Delivers an integrated design solution that enhances the production process and eliminates the need for additional analog hardware such as the INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS The Moog Axis Control Valve with Clamp Control Algorithm provides greater accuracy and a higher level of performance for clamp axis injection molding machines. WHAT MOVES YOUR WORLD

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Moog solutions and products are designed for higher performance in injection molding and other plastic applications. Our team of engineers collaborates with you to provide a hydraulic clamp control solution that will meet your exact precision, power and safety needs. STATE CONTROL WITH TRADITIONAL CONFIGURATION Servo-Proportional Acceleration Sensor STATE CONTROL WITH AXIS CONTROL VALVE (ACV) Easy integration and compact design: ACV with integrated functionality of a servocontroller The typical PID closed-loop position control for clamp units is a problem for larger tonnage (200+ tons)...

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