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A085 series - 1

SPECIFICATIONS Operating Pressure: Standard: 500 to 3000 psi * Optional (special order): 4000 psi Fluid: Compatible with common hydraulic fluids Recommended viscosity range: 60-450 SUS @ 100°F (10-97 cSt @ 38°C) Cleanliness Level: ISO DIS 4406 code 16/13 max. 14/11 recommended Operating Temperature: Minimum: -20°F (-28°C) (maximum fluid viscosity 6000 SUS) Maximum: +200°F (+93°C) External Leakage: Rod Seals: slight rod wetting Radial Load: Maximum: 50 lbs. Transducer Null Adjustment: ± 0.25 inch Orientation: Any Cycle Life: > 107 cycles between seal changes Exterior Materials: - Aluminum Alloy (chromic acid anodized) - Alloy Steel (zinc or chrome plated; black oxide treated) - Stainless Steel Seals: Fluorocarbon O-Rings with anti-extrusion device The Moog A085 Series Servoactuators combine high performance cylinders, linear feedback devices and servovalves in one assembly.These servoactuators have been specifically developed to offer the advantages of custom engineered units designed for industrial applications without the costs or delays that can accompany a custom designed unit. The choice of servovalves, feedback transducers, working areas and strokes available will accommodate most control requirements. Maximum compatibility with other Moog components such as electronics and special function manifolds. The benefits of the A085 Series include totally assembled and self contained units that are 100% tested before shipment. Minimized plumbing and fixturing as well as case drain for zero rod leakage. Optional Cylinder Bypass Orifice (AMO) Optional Pressure Transducers AMO [ADJUSTABLE METERING ORIFICE] AND PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS CRV [CROSSPORT PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES] Selection of LVDT or DCDT for position feedback PRESSURE TRANSDUCER B C D POLARITY: Input: A (+), B (-) Output: C positive with respect to D with pressure applied POLARITY: Parallel coils: A & C (+), B & D (-) actuator extends Series coils: B & C inteconnected, A (+), D (-) actuator extends Optional Filter for supply fluid Wide Range of Flow Capacity and Dynamic Response Selection PHASING: Input:* C (+), F (-) Output: with actuator extended E is positive with respect to D * Input polarity must be observed Optional Crossports Relief Valves (CRV) ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC SERVOVALVE Selection of Cylinder Mounting: Base Mount, Front or Rear Flange Mount, Front or Rear Trunnion Mount TYPICAL HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT Servovalve Selection: 62 Series, 760 Series PHASING: Input: A & B Output: interconnect D & E; with actuator extended, B & C common, A & F are in p

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A085 series - 2

A085 SERIES INSTALLATIONS AND MANIFOLDS CASE DRAIN, PORT PER SAE J1926-3 (3/16" O.D. TUBE) 2 PLACES 1.000-14UNF-3B THD x 1.64 [41.6] MIN DP MOOG CONTROLS SERVOVALVE PORT PER SAE J1926 1.0625-12UNF-2B DASH 12 STR THD O-RING BOSS (.75 TUBE OD REF) PRESSURE THIS SIDE RETURN FAR SIDE Pressure Transducer Mating Electrical Connector: P/N 49532-18 (MS3116E8-4S) Position Transducer Mating Electrical Connector: P/N 49054F14S6S (MS3106F14S-6S) Servovalve Mating Electrical Connector: P/N 49054F14S2S (MS3106F14S-2S) OPTIONAL TRUNNIONS Rod End Adapter: P/N A31558 converts rod end to female 1/220 UNF-3 x...

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