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GRAISSE 3790Issue: 14 2020/09/25 ADHESIVE GREASE FOR HUMID ENVIRONMENTS DEFINITION Totally insoluble in cold, hot or sea water as well as in steam these properties enable to use it for lubrication of immerged or under severe water spray working equipment's Looks fluid and is very adhesive on metals which avoids any loss of lubricant under severe working conditions. With a very high drop point and extreme pressure qualities GRAISSE 3790 is perfectly adapted for heavily loaded bearing submitted to overheating. Shows excellent resistance to oxidation, has anti-rust properties and is efficient for corrosion protection of parts. Also available in aerosol. • Viscosity of basis oil at 40°C: • Apparent dynamic viscosity@ -20°C (Pa.s) measured at a shear drop of 0.174 s-1 • Drop point: • Density at 20°C: • NLGI Grade: • Unworked penetration at 25°C: • Loss of penetration after 100 000 strokes: • NDN Factor: • 4 Balls SHELL Test (Welding): • 4 Balls SHELL Test (wear): • Copper sheet corrosion: • EMCOR Corrosion Test: • Water washout (38°C): • Oxidation stability (100h): • Oxidation stability (400h): CHARACTERISTICS • Colour: • Thickener: • Operating temperature range: • Basis oil: ISO 3104 ISO 2176 ISO 2811-1 ISO 2137 ISO 2137 ASTM D 2596 ASTM D 2266 ISO 2160 ISO 11007 ASTM D 1264 ASTM D 942 ASTM D 942 Classification according to DIN 518-25: KP 2 N -20 Classification according to ISO 6743-9: ISO-L-XBDDA 2 USES Lubrication of components under severe water spray or submerged. Bearings, rollers, pumps, sluices, taps Water purification stations, hydraulic power stations, road and rail traffic signals, canning factories Marine and off-shore equipment Printing machinery lubrication MOLYDAL-ZAET 221 rue Paul Langevin 60740 SAINT-MAXIMIN - FRANCE - Phone: +33 3 44 61 76 76 - Fax: +33 3 44 25 17 78 The information shown in these sheets is given in good faith as being true and although every effort of verification has been made before use, we cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracy. For further information,

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