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MME Suction lifter Catalog

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Suction lifter 6 available sizes • Integral suction lifter • Accessories Lightning fast suction for lifting and moving → with only on vaccum line Suction lifters Integral suction lifter LÄRCHENSTRASSE 21 D-85625 BAIERN / BERGANGER -engineering

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Suction lifter Vacuum-operated (6 versions available) DHS2017-S • DHS3025-S • DHS3040-S • DHS3040-HS • DHS5530-S • DHS5580 Lifting of workpieces only possible by switching on vacuum FUNCTION ▪ The piston extends when the vacuum is switched on. ▪ As soon as the suction cup contacts the workpiece, it is sucked in and the piston returns to the starting position with the workpiece. ▪ The workpiece is held until the vacuum is switched off. THE ADVANTAGE AT A GLANCE ▪ Control of the motion sequence just by switching on vacuum ▪ Lightning-fast automatic reversal of direction with gentle contact to...

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Suction lifter Lift: 17mm, Force: 3N, Weight: 39g, anti-twist Lift: 25mm, Force: 7N, Weight: 111g, anti-twist Lift: 40mm, Force: 7N, Weight: 138g, anti-twist LÄRCHENSTRASSE 21 D-85625 BAIERN / BERGANGER

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Suction lifter Vacuum-operated (6 versions available) Lift: 40mm, Force: 8N, Weight: 131g, no anti-twist-safeguard Lift: 30mm, Force: 50N, Weight: 331g, anti-twist Lift: 80mm, Force: 50N, Weight: 626g, no anti-twist-safeguard LÄRCHENSTRASSE 21 D-85625 BAIERN / BERGANGER -engineering

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Integral suction lifter Compressed-air operations with discard function IHS3025 APPLICATION ▪ Lifting and depositing of workpieces, typical "pick and place" application ▪ Simultaneous suction and lifting of flat workpieces ▪ Separation of paper, plastic sheets, veneer, type plates, check cards ▪ Stacking and destacking for any stacking-level ▪ The entire motion sequence is only influenced by the Controlled on/off switching of compressed air. No additional valves or cylinders are required. ▪ Significant cost savings through economisation on hardware and software ▪ Short cycle times, as no...

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TECHNICAL DATA Order number Push in fitting Page 3-90.1 Magnetic field sensor Page 3-90.2

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MM Engineering Accessories for suction lifters and integral suction lifters FUNCTION The suction cup is used to grip the workpiece. It is screwed into the provided internal thread on the suction piston rod. ■ Suction lip made of black CR (chloroprene) ■ Suction lip with ring-shaped support segments ■ Connection piece made of aluminium ■ In the suction bore there is a sieve to protect the suction cup and the vacuum generator from dirt. Operating pressure: Operating medium: Ambient temperature: Weight: Connection thread: Damper insert material: Screw-in spigot material: Order number TECHNICAL...

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MM Engineering Accessories for suction lifters and integral suction lifters The magnetic field sensor is actuated by a permanent magnet and is used for position detection. TECHNICAL DATA Repeat accuracy: Ambient temperature: Operating voltage: DC rated operational current: Switching frequency: Output function: Short-circuit protection: Dimensions: Housing material: Tightening torque of fixing screw: Cable quality: Cable cross-section: Shock resistance: Protection class: The mounting clamp is used to attach the magnetic field sensor to the suction lifters. Proper attachment is ensured by two...

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