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A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better FACTORY AUTOMATION ■ Industry leading ■ User-friendly performance ■ Designed for different ■ Reliable network solutions

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Global player Global impact of Mitsubishi Electric Through Mitsubishi Electric’s vision, “Changes for the Better“ are possible for a brighter future. Mitsubishi Electric is involved in many areas including the following We bring together the best minds to create the best technologies. At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand that technology is the driving force of change in our lives. By bringing greater comfort to daily life, maximising the efficiency of businesses and keeping things running across society, we integrate technology and innovation to bring changes for the better. Energy and...

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Contents Use tomorrow’s technology today 4 What makes a good servo system 5 Servo system overview 6 Safety first Plug and play positioning solutions Motion controller Your solution partner

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Mitsubishi Electric servo systems Use tomorrow’s technology today Maximized to the best advantage for the machinery Mitsubishi Electric servo systems are globally renowned and respected. Offering a perfect combination of high-end performance and ease of use, they are now found in a huge range of applications throughout all branches of industry – from single and multiple axis systems in mechanical engineering and other metal-working sectors to complex, fullysynchronised solutions in the semiconductor and motor industries. Manufactured at the highest standards Mitsubishi Electric automation...

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What makes a good servo system The built-in display panel indicates servo amplifier status and alarm numbers. High speed, high performance Motion Bus system SSCNETIII/H Advanced and evolving tuning functions like „One-Touch-Tuning“ Automatic servo motor recognition STO I/O signal connector CN8 Triple-axes amplifier Absolute high-resolution encoder as standard equipment Cost effectiveness Industry leading performance gives faster production cycles and reduced material wastage. Plug and play The availability of pre-made cables of different length means that connecting a servo motor to an...

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Extensive product range The right solution every time A solution for every application Mitsubishi Electric always has the right servo system for straightforward and complex applications alike. With so many motor types, different amplifier output performances and features, the right servo solution is available for every conceivable positioning requirement. SERVO AMPLIFIERS & MOTORS The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers and the associated positioning units, motion modules and high-end motion control systems from Mitsubishi Electric enable machine builders and end customers to increase...

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Powerful amplifiers The MR-J4 generation of servo drives delivers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in a very compact package. Functions like the advanced vibration suppression system and the further improved real-time auto-tuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation. Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide spectrum of servo amplifiers to meet the demands of all types of applications. The MR-J4-A models are suitable for drive systems with conventional control and are designed for regulating speed, torque and position control tasks. The...

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Feed equipment is one of the servo's many applications. The absolute encoder which is fitted as standard has a resolution of 22 bits. This corresponds to more than 4 million pulses/revolution. The result is excellent true-running characteristics and a maximum positioning accuracy and processing speed which more than satisfy the performance requirements of modern high-end machines. Increased response speed Three times faster communication speed Communication speed is increased to 150 Mbps full duplex (equivalent to 300 Mbps half duplex), three times faster than the conventional speed. System...

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Three-inertia system Precise tuning functions Advanced suppression of mechanical vibration Two types of the vibrations are suppressed at the same time Automatic vibration suppression Baud rate [Mbps] Network communication speed Reduction of interference by the SSCNETIII/H optical network Firmware that delivers performance All MR-J4 servo amplifiers use the very latest regulation and control technologies. These systems ensure fast installation and setup and make it possible to configure stable systems with very short response times – no matter what’s your application. Real-time auto-tuning...

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MR-J4 / Motion safety solutions Safety first Safe control Maintain safe control of motor behaviour even in emergency situations Safe Stop button pressed Delay time Safe Stop button pressed v Maintain machine performance while meeting required safety standards The safe choice for motion Mitsubishi Electric’s MR family has become the leading choice for motion applications world wide. Industry leading performance, flexible network connectivity, and patented technology like vibration suppression has lead to a significant global installed base. Mitsubishi Electric now takes this success one step...

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Servo motors Servo motors to add movement Large choice of different servo motors Size comparision to conventional motors Speed, accuracy and control, whenever you need it. Advanced features Featuring the most advanced concentrated winding techniques and the latest technology, Mitsubishi Electric servo motors are the most compact in the market. Increased motor speed MR-J4 series servo amplifier operates rotary servo motors, linear servo motors and direct motors as standard. Motors are available in a range of options from 50 W to 22 kW in different designs, including specialised motors such...

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Plug & play positioning solutions Plug & play positioning solutions Ethernet RS232 (via CPU) CPU Simple Motion modules Cables Servo amplifiers High-speed network Servo motors Transfer configuration parameters Fast, high-precision positioning SSCNETIII/H configuration Using the right positioning solution can help increase the accuracy of the work process, reduce waste and rework as well as provide a higher quality of production. Positioning modules The MR-J4 series together with SSCNETIII/H support a very broad spectrum of applications between 1 and 192 axes. Components with a variety of...

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