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Programmable Controllers - MELSEC iQ-R


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A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better FACTORY AUTOMATION ■ PLC Control ■ Motion ■ PC ■ Process ■ Multi CPU solutions ■ IEC 61131-3 ■ Networking ■ Scalable ■ Machine control ■ Plant management ■ Safety

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Global player Global impact of Mitsubishi Electric Through Mitsubishi Electric’s vision, “Changes for the Better“ are possible for a brighter future. Mitsubishi Electric is involved in many areas including the following We bring together the best minds to create the best technologies. At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand that technology is the driving force of change in our lives. By bringing greater comfort to daily life, maximising the efficiency of businesses and keeping things running accross society, we integrate technology and innovation to bring changes for the better. Energy and...

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Contents Global standards World leading PLCs Multi platform MELSEC iQ-R series, System Q, L series Process control Plant solutions Machine solutions Your solution partner Section 2: Technical Informa

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Global standards Global standards Through Mitsubishi Electric’s vision, “Changes for the better” are possible for a brighter future Flexible automation The MELSEC iQ-R series, MELSEC System Q and MELSEC L eries provide global sos lutions for a vast range of applications. Pioneered by Mitsubishi Electric, these automation systems are modular automation platforms that bring together all features from a variety of different engineering disciplines, including traditional and advanced programmable logic controllers (PLCs), information technology, motion control and process-based control...

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World leading PLCs What makes a world beating modular controller? Programming via Ethernet, USB, s erial, networks (CC-Link IE, CC-Link) All CPU’s support the same range of I/O and special function modules Easy maintenance with bright LEDs indicating the operational status Inter-modular synchronization realizes increased processing accuracy New high-speed system bus realizes improved production cycle High-available process control When paired with a redundant function module, a redundant control system can be easily r ealized at a low cost. Many built in functions such as data logger Direct...

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Programmable Controllers - MELSEC iQ-R - 6

Multi platform PERFORMANCE SYSTEM MODULAR PLC Mitsubishi Electric’s modular control solutions span a wide range of capabilities. Multiple capabilities This sophisticated concept of the modular PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric allows users to mix and select the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, special function modules and I/O modules. This allows users to configure systems into what they need, when they need it, where they need it. The MELSEC System Q allows to combine basic and advanced PLC CPUs, specialist motion and process controllers and even PC CPUs (industrial PCs) into a...

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Multi platform Flexible and scalable An automation platform for the future Flexibility and scalability are the key design features that enable the modular PLCs to be a truly powerful automation platform. Users can apply simple control to an individual machine or integrated plant wide management all from the same hardware base. The modular PLC is supported by several software tools which enable easy and comprehensive integration using Mitsubishi Electric's EZSocket middleware. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric also offer software tools that comply with international standards such as IEC...

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Programmable Controllers - MELSEC iQ-R - 8

The next level iQ Platform PLC Reduced maintenance effort The MELSEC iQ-R series incorporates a host of features and functions that help to reduce maintenance efforts and costs. For example, users can define errors and events to be automatically stored to SD card through the in-built SD card slot. In the case of an error or certain event the PLC can store all relevant process information, the error & event log including operation history to an SD card. This data can then easily be analyzed and help to reduce downtime and maintenance effort. MELSEC System Q compatibility iQ Platform enables...

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The CPUs of the MELSEC System Q Foradvanced machine designs and controlling manufacturing cells, including infrastructure and site-wide management, MELSEC System Q's CPUs offer incredible performance and versatility. Processors are available with a wide range of memory capacities, all of which can be expanded as reguired.This means that MELSEC System Q PLCs can support complex programs as well as store large volumes of operation data. Universal PLC CPUs Universal PLC CPUs are the latest generation of modular CPUs for the MELSEC System Q controller platform and they are the foundation of the...

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The compact modular MELSEC L series gineering costs significantly. Up to 2 servo axes or stepper motors can be controlled via the integrated pulse outputs without the need for additional modules. Every MELSEC L series CPU comes with 24 points of built-in I/Os as standard. These I/O points are capable of many functions usually reserved for separate modules. Save on system costs by using the built-in functions for a variety of applications. PLCopen motion control USB and Ethernet as standard The built-in USB 2.0 port or Ethernet interface can be used to connect directly at the installation...

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Mitsubishi Electric provides for the MELSEC System Q and the iQ-R series a complete safety solution that can be fully integrated into the automation concept of your system. This allows visualization information, realizing optimal safety control and boosting productivity. Flexible implementation It's obvious that the safety solution has to protect workers from dangerous machinery and environments. However, from a cost perspective, it should also be simple to implement and flexible enough to meet the needs of any system design. MELSEC System Q meets these requirements with a unique,...

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Motion control The challenge of Motion Control Use of a motion controller for the automatic sealing of bottles Mitsubishi Electric provides a number of solutions for highly complex, networked motion tasks. MELSEC System Q brings machine control and motion into harmony. Extended application range Reliable safety monitoring The current trend for production systems for small quantities with a wide variety of types means that motion controllers are expected to offer a broad usage spectrum. Mitsubishi Electric offers various solutions for motion control, from Simple Motion modules to Motion...

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