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FACTORY AUTOMATION THE AUTOMATION BOOK A world of solutions Global service & support Standards driven Innovative solutions Improving financial perfor

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Global Player Global impact of Mitsubishi Electric Through Mitsubishi Electric’s vision, “Changes for the Better“ are possible for a brighter future. Mitsubishi Electric is involved in many areas including the following We bring together the best minds to create the best technologies. At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand that technology is the driving force of change in our lives. By bringing greater comfort to daily life, maximising the efficiency of businesses and keeping things running across society, we integrate technology and innovation to bring changes for the better. Energy and...

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Contents Introduction to Mitsubishi Electric Tomorrow’s quality, today’s goals European service Automation solutions Logic controller/Compact PLC/Modular PLC Motion control Application solutions Your solution partner Inte Net grated wor k In En tegra gin te ee d rin g Section 2: Technical information

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Global partner. Local friend. Present right through Europe From the development of products to the management of entire plants, our experience in the industrial market spans more than 80 years. The knowledge we have built up over the decades and our complete product portfolio allow us to work together with customers to create complete turnkey solutions that meet all specific needs. With a globe-spanning service network, we not only provide after-sales service, but also training and technical consultation. An open working relationship between supplier and customer gets results faster and...

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Trust and loyalty is as important as products Collaboration with capable partners in the automation industry is one of the key elements in Mitsubishi Electric’s success. Today more than ever, customers expect automation solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their applications. Our partners’ expertise in specific industries, coupled with Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative automation technology, are the two main ingredients of a successful recipe for made-to-order solutions and perfect customer service. A focus on service The customer is always the focus of all our service...

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Automation solutions Water is a critical element of life. Without a constant, clean supply for drinking and washing and effective handling of grey waste, society quickly breaks down. Automation solutions need to be reliable and flexible to meet the changing COMPANY Klinting Vandvaerk LOCATION Denmark AUTOMATION SPECIALIST PRO/AUTOMATIC APPLICATION Water pumping station PRODUCTS Mitsubishi Electric modular PLCs, frequency inverter drives, Wago remote I/Os NETWORK CC-Link NOTE Bore holes were up to 1.2 km away from the main water station. COMMENT “It was easy to create the network systems and...

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Automation solutions The range of food available to the consumer today is vast, from ready prepared salads to pre-cooked pies and frozen meats. Much of it comes from far off places but must be processed and delivered on time, every time. Because food is so important to our daily lives there are strict rules and guidelines regarding traceability, labelling, packaging and quality control. Mitsubishi Electric has expertise in all of these areas. COMPANY Virgin Trading (Virgin Cola) LOCATION Ireland AUTOMATION SPECIALIST Charles Wait APPLICATION Manufacture of cola concentrate PRODUCTS...

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Automation solutions Manufacturing, like all engineering fields, is constantly under pressure to deliver innovative products in the most cost effective way. Generally, manufacturers are looking for suppliers who offer automation solutions that support the wide variety of standards they need, as well as offering flexibility, availability and reliability. COMPANY Kaba Group LOCATION Austria APPLICATION Manufacture of keys PRODUCTS Mitsubishi Electric robots NOTE Two robots are used, one ‘s to place the brass workpiece in to the milling machine while a second robot picks up machined keys and...

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Automation solutions Shorter production cycles, adaptive manufacturing and integration of all areas in the manufacturing process are what make the automotive industry one of the most high power, high pressure, manufacturing sectors in the world. This is also why these global brands turn to Mitsubishi Electric for the highest level of automation expertise. COMPANY Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) LOCATION USA APPLICATION Manufacture of automotive engines PRODUCTS Mitsubishi Electric modular PLCs, HMI, servo amplifiers, CNC controllers and software NOTE GEMA is an alliance of the...

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Automation solutions The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are among the world’s most competitive, facing tough “speed to market” issues. New products developed in the laboratory have to be rushed into production. To do this safely, quickly and reliably, manufacturers need f lexible COMPANY Follmann & Co. LOCATION Germany APPLICATION Adhesive manufacture PRODUCTS Mitsubishi Electric compact PLCs, HMI, frequency inverter drives NETWORK Ethernet + Fieldbus NOTE The system has control over the manufacturing process for 17 different adhesives COMMENT “It was easy to create the network...

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Automation solutions Many automated applications are a continuous process. They vary widely, ranging from power stations to waste incineration. However, all share a need for highly reliable systems. Moreover, control and management of operational waste is an issue undergoing greater regulation through directives such as IPPC. Mitsubishi Electric developed its MELSEC System Q specifically to meet these requirements. COMPANY European Vinyls Corporation (EVC) LOCATION United Kingdom AUTOMATION SPECIALIST Tritec APPLICATION Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant PRODUCTS Mitsubishi Electric...

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Tomorrow’s quality Tomorrow’s quality ... Tomorrow’s technology requires investment today Eco Changes – for a greener future Eco Changes is an expression of Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to environmental management. The programme is directed towards a greener future, achieved with innovative environmental technologies and manufacturing expertise. Mitsubishi Electric’s goal is to help create an ecological society by means of a broad spectrum of technologies and solutions for private households, offices, businesses, infrastructure and even space exploration. As a global company, we intend...

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