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MITEC produces air conditioning and filtering systems for industrial processes, where the ambient conditions have to be strictly controlled to ensure both the product quality and the health and safety of the operators, or because they are subjected to the observance of the environmental protection laws. In the cleanrooms division dedicated to controlling particle contamination, there are two different operation lines which follow different approaches. Alongside the specific and “unique” situation which justifies the implementation costs, there is also the modular solution that exploits the...

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HARD WALLS IN ASSEMBLY KIT Controlled contamination systems with a rigid boundary structure, suitable for the configuration and quality of the components with numerous uses up to IS4 class according to the ISO 14644-1 and GMP standards. Having overcome the plant concept, while maintaining the possibility of a customised system within the limits of the product, a “MACHINE-KIT” is formed which requires a much smaller investment, where all the components are integrated and divided in modules that are easy to assemble even by the end-user’s operators.

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STRUCTURE MODULARITY Vertical wall panels form a perfectly level surface, with optimised pitch to achieve the required sizes, with a standard thickness of 50 mm, compound, polyurethane core, class 1 fire reaction and available in two types: STANDARD with facing in prepainted iron plate, colour RAL 9010, or in AISI 304 stainless steel, with fast hideaway couplings PHARMA with facing in plastic laminate 2.5 mm thick, WHITE or WHITE-GREY, with internal metal stiffening frame and male joint coupling. False-ceiling made with the same panels as the vertical walls, and double false-ceiling for...

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LIGHTING Recessed fluorescent lights, with electronic reactors for use in cleanrooms, IP54 protection level. False-ceiling apertures prepared in the factory. Available with emergency light. Measurements: 600x600 mm 3x55W e 600x1200 mm 2x54W WINDOWS Double-glazed windows in the structure using safety glass. Installed by means of male joints on runners already prepared in the aperture in the factory. Aperture sizes: 1000 x h1000/1400 mm PROFILE Hygiene profiles R=65 mm in PVC on all the corner joints. DOORS Hinged entrance doors, anodised aluminium frame with a continuous built-in profile,...

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OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES • Vestibule entrance • Door interlock (photo 5) • Material passbox (page 23) • Air shower for people and materials (page 26) • Independent OMK extraction unit for positive pressure control overhead for renewal or negative pressure, with motor and filter cell up to H13 efficiency level. Safety model also available with bag in bag out technology (photo 2) • MRF filter intake stations recessed in the wall, with up to H13 efficiency level • Differential pressure or pressure drop analogue measuring station (photo 4) • Wall through plates for electric or hydraulic sockets...

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SOFT WALLS IN ASSEMBLY KIT For the adaptability and limited costs, an important role is played in modular cleanrooms by the controlled contamination systems, where the boundary structure is made from an equipped ceiling supporting frame and flexible perimeter walls, formed of strips of transparent and matt plastic material. These sofwalls cleanrooms can be fixed or mobile, and are also supplied in kits, where all the components can be easily assembled, even by the end user. The simplified bearing structure is made from a series of hollow core sections, joined to each other by screws to form...

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1. Flexible wall in antistatic transparent PVC strips / 2. Detail of the control panel 3. Examples of the Standard and the Pharma wheels / 4. Detail of the false-ceiling The MTF system includes a family of absolute filter and laminar flow diffusion units, with their own fan, which are different for each setting, and used to prepare controlled contamination or sterile zones and rooms, classifiable according to ISO 14644 and GMP standards. The MTF units are suitable for use singularly to create small protected areas, or for decontaminated zones around operating machinery, or in series to...

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Same body for the MTF LL and MTF LB models MTF LB model with lateral pre-filter extraction INDIVIDUAL CONTROL MODBUS NETWORK MTF LL model with pre-filter extraction from below GROUP CONTROL One or two stage filter section (G4+F8) Lantern motor unit with impeller with backward-curved blades made of aluminium Housing for the thermal protector or automatic regulation system START-UP AND CONTROL Anti-bacteria ABS body Ceiling suspension kit Structure for softwalls cleanroom Structure for flow bench Differential pressure gauges DOP TEST socket Base frame (galvanised, painted or stainless steel)...

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S: ABS body LL: long version with pre-filter extraction on the short side and absolute filter below LB: long version with all the filter extraction from below AI: ABS body, AISI 304 diffuser for hidden structure ceilings APE: ABS body, peralluman diffuser for hidden structure ceilings ALZV: painted, galvanised plate outer body (only for the LL-LB and special versions) ALI: AISI 304 outer body (only for the LL-LB and special versions) F1: H14 or U15 absolute filter F2: G4 pre-filter + H14 or U15 absolute filter F3: G4 pre-filter - F7 filter + H14 or U15 absolute filter SM: mechanical seal...

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DOWN CROSS MCP FL This device protects the product from ambient contamination and, at the same time, prevents aerial dispersion of the dust during the process. This is an independent safety appliance which can be installed anywhere, and is mainly formed of a boundary structure in which a laminar filtered airflow is formed, produced by the MTF AUT filter fan units on the ceiling. The airflow covers the zone where the dust is dispersed and then carries it to the MRF filter intake section on the wall, in front of the operator. The dust is prevented from travelling outside the boundary...

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1. Detail of the false-ceiling / 2. Intake grid with inspection flap / 3. G4+F9 pre-filter section / 4. Detail of the control panel instruments.

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