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Machine Vision Machine vision implement heavily on the integration of embedded computing systems and smart management systems to perform the detect process and deliver the precise data for analysis.By implementing machine vision solution, it brings more precise operation, valuable real-time vision data collection, management enhance quality control in assembly. To integrate vision software algorithms in machine vision application, MiTAC’s latest embedded product MX1-10FEP features higher efficiency to run less complex machine learning algorithms on management system INFINITY 2.0 software application supporting collaborative cameras or robots for AOI inspection. Each camera or robot position can be configured for different inspection and triggered by IO. INFINITY 2.0 Benefits: • Easy & Fast Deployment • End User Interface - 1,2 or 4 Camera configuration - Fail Images logging - Simple check box to enable • Multiple Inspection Tools - Easy Robot Sequence Inspection - Easy XY Table Sequence Inspection +886-3-327-5988 Vision Solution Robot Solution

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The user interface is designed in a simplified manner with a main panel which shows the image from cameras and a control panel on the right. The software platform has been designed to allow engineers or non-programmers to be able to create a solution for any specific requirement without having the need to have any programming knowledge in the shortest time. When integrated to the appropriate hardware, it offers a complete machine vision solution for many industrial automation’s applications. The INFINITY 2.0 Sequence platform is able to provide Vision solution to all robot model in the...

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