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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 2

2 Introducing Thermatel Magnetrol TA2 thermal mass flow transmitters measure mass flow by detecting heat dissipation from a heated surface. Mass Flow Measurement Thermatel Benefits Thermal flow meters measure flow rate in units of mass flow (SCFM or NM3/hr) rather than flow at oper-ating conditions. Because temperature and pressure variations will influence the gas density, mass flow measurement provides optimum measurement accuracy despite temperature and pressure variations. In addition to greater measurement accuracy, mass flow is also measured to accommodate an industry's measurement...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 3

3 TA2 SPECIFICATIONS Supply Voltage: Flow Range: 100 - 264 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz Temperature Accuracy: 11.6-30 VDC Repeatability: 10-50,000 SFPM (0.05-250 Nm/s) ±2° F (1° C) ±0.5% of reading (gas dependent) Sensor Range: -50° to +400° F (-45° to +200° C) Rated to 1,500 psig (103 bar) Flow Accuracy: ±1 % of reading plus 0.5% of calibration range Turn Down: 100:1 (application dependent) ta2IN D E P T H Intgral or Remote: - All electronics are housed in a compact, explosion-proof enclosure mounted on the probe or at a remote location. Display: Optional two-line, 16 digits/line, alphanumeric backlit...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 4

Principle of Opration TA2 thermal mass flow transmitter technology for measuring mass flow. The TA2 uses the proven Constant Temperature Difference Technology for mass flow measurement. There are two elements in the sensor as shown on page 2. The RTD in the reference pin measures the process temperature of the gas where the sensor is located; a variable amount of power is applied to the heater in the second pin to maintain a specified temperature difference. The amount of the temperature difference is set during the calibration to optimize the performance for the particular application. At...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 5

5 Mass Flow of Air Applications: The flow of air (78% nitrogen, 21 % oxygen and traces of eight other gases) is monitored in nearly all industrial settings, including applications for processing; air/gas mixing; cooling; blowing & drying; combustion; aeration; ventilation; filtration; ingredient mixing; air sampling, and many others. Significant air-flow variables include pipe diameters, wide flow ranges, varying velocities and low flow sensitivity. Large-duct flow applications for Thermatel include combustion air flow used in determining fuel-to-air mixtures for indus-trial boilers,...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 6

Compressed Air Flow Applications: Air that is compressed and contained at a pressure greater than atmosphre has become industry's universal power source. Seventy percent of all manufacturers operate compressed air (CA). Process operations dependent upon CA include pneu-matic tools; materials handling; painting; oxidation; fractionation; cryogenics; refrigeration; dehydration; filtration and aeration. Flow meters help ensure efficient operation at rated SCFM output and are also used to detect leaks. A Flow Meter with a Totalizer provides an accurate measurement of CA consumption. Natural gas...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 7

Natural Gas Flow Applications: Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, primarily (70-90%) methane (CH4). In its pure form it is colorless, odorless and combustible. The cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas trails electricity as the second most used energy source in industry. Industrial demand accounts for 40 percent of total natural gas demand, the highest of any sec-tor. With a multitude of industrial uses, natural gas is consumed primarily in pulp and paper; metals manuͭfacture; power generation; petroleum refining; stone, clay and glass manufacture; chemicals production;...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 8

Argon Gas Flow Applications: Composing slightly less than 1% of the air, Argon (Ar) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive, nonflammable, and nontoxic gas. It is the most abundant of the "rare" gases, those with an extremely weak tendency to chemically interact with other materials. Argon is commercially valued in multi-industry applications for its near total inertness and low cost. Argon is utilized to produce specialty products; protect and maintain product quality; and lower operat-ing costs in steelmaking. It is essential in metal fabrication; light bulbs; the production of...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 9

Oxygen Gas Flow Applications: Oxygen (O2) is the second-largest volume industrial gas. Because it forms compounds with virtually all chemical elements it is most often bound with other elements in silicates, oxides, and water compounds. Oxygen is highly oxidizing and reacts vig-orously with combustible materials generating heat in the reaction process. Ozone (O3) is an allotropic form of oxygen that is more reactive. Oxygen finds numer-ous uses in steelmaking and metals refining; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; petroleum processing; glass and ceramic manufacture; pulp and paper manufacture;...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 10

10 Carbon Dioxide Gas Flow Applications: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an odorless, colorless, non-combustible and slightly toxic gas with a pungent acidic taste. It constitutes a fraction of our air, about 0.036%. Carbon dioxide is valued in industry for its reactivity, inertness and ability to create cold conditions. Large quantities of gaseous CO2 are produced and consumed in making fertilizers, plastic resins, and rubber. Other important uses include beverage carbon-ation; food and pharmaceutical processing; enhance-ment of oil recovery from oil wells; a raw material for producing many...

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Thermatel® Mass Flow Meter Applications - 11

11 LFG, Digester & Bio-Gas Applications: These gases are typically composed of 65% methane (CH4) and 35% carbon dioxide (CO2). Landfill gas (LFG) is generated from the degradation of biodegradable wastes. Digester gas results from the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in municipal wastewater treatment. Bio-gas is created from livestock production, agricultural and industrial efflu-ents and sewage treatment. Flaring and venting as management strategies for these gases is giving way to energy harvesting technologies with the economic advantage of creating heat, electricity, fuel or...

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