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TANK BRIDLE LEVEL MEASUREMENT S p e c i a l A p p l i c a t i o n S e r i e s

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bridle (or cage, isolating column, bypass pipe, external chamber, etc.) is a vertical pipe connected to the side of a storage tank or process vessel typically with side/side or side/bottom connections. Because the fluid inside the bridle will rise and fall equally with the level of fluid inside the tank or vessel, the bridle has been adapted for level measurement on a broad scale. Magnetrol’s use of the term "bridle" refers to a bypass chamber on a larger process vessel on which the level instrumentation for that vessel is mounted. Bridles usually do not have level equipment extending into...

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Shown below are the most common level instrument technologies used for bridle measurement. Guided Wave Radar GWR mounted in a cage is well suited for bridle measurement. Configuration is fast, no calibration is required, and accuracy isn’t affected by changing densities, dielectrics, high temperatures or high pressures. Magnetrol’s Eclipse® and Horizon® transmitters are available with a wide range of probes, materials and options. Magnetic Level Indicators Developed for the most demanding industrial applications, MLIs provide local visual indication and remote indication when combined with...

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Frequently mounted in a bridle arrangement, torque tubes and torque tube displacer transmitters have maintained a strong foothold for many decades despite their shortcomings. They are bulky, mechanically complex, and their measurement accuracy can be degraded by density changes. Thick, abrasive or boiling liquids are also unsuitable. Eclipse Guided Wave Radar is the ideal choice for replacement of antiquated and troublesome torque tubes. Replacement is made easier when the new transmitter can reside in the same chamber vacated by the old technology. The first part of the replacement process...

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