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Ammonia Skid Anhydrous and aqueous ammonia are skid-configur&d for unloading. storage, transfer, vaporization, stripping, metering, infection, and urea-to-ammonia (u2a) conversion. Skkis range from compact, singte-process Systems to multhunlt utiltty Systems. Featured Application: Aqueous Ammonia Vaporizatton Ammonia vaporization changes the state of ammonia from a liquid to a gas. Vaportzed ammonia Is Important for use In Industrtal rͩfrigration and in pollution abatement technology, such as slective catalytic r驩duction (SCF) Systems used to neutrallze nltrogen oxldes from large electrlc...

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Biomass Gasifier Skid Biomass fs cultivated and waste forms of blological matriel, inciuding: crops, fofest residue, waste from ltvestockt tood processing, and municipal sources. When biomass is heated tn the absence of oxygen. It dcomposes into a mixture ofhydrogen and carton monoxkfe gases known as synthesis gas or 'syngas. ' Uke naturel gas, syngas te a vakiable energy asset that can fuel Do/fers, generators, and furnaces. or serve as a feedstock. bkrnass-to-syngas skid Featured Skid Configuration: BioMass-to-Syngas Skid In this entrai ned-f low type of gasifier, the stearn and oxygen...

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Blending & Batching Skid Blending S batching skkts are used in ail forms of Itquids processing. The larges! users are food & beverage, Chemical, oetrochemlcal, pharmaceuticalt andpalnts S coatlngs Industries. 'Blending' refers to the in-line combrning of ingrdients into a single output stream. 'Batching ' is the dispenslng of con trolled quantifies of process fluWS into one or more vessels. FeaturedSkW Application: Soft Drink Blending & Batching Skid Nearly 35 billion gallons of soft drinks and allied products are con-sumed annually, Blending and batching unlts that combine ingrdients to...

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Clean-ln-Place Skid Clean-ln-Ptace (c/pj te a method ot cleaning the interior surfaces ot pipes, vessets, process equlpment. Mers, and assodaled tittlngs wtthout disassembly Industries that rely heavily on CIP are those requihng the highest fevels ot hygine, and include: dahyt beverage, brewing, processed foods, pharmaceutical & biotech, and cosmettcs. Featured Skid Application: Pharmaceuttcal CF/SIP SkkJ CIP skids clean and sterilize process Systems to the highest hygine standards. A Sterilization-in-Pface (SIP) process (attained by steam, hot water, or chemical means) Is typlcally...

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Level and Flow Instruments for Modular Skid Systems - 7

Filtration Skid Flltratlon Is the process ofremovlng contamlnatlng components from process mdia. Flftered mdia include air, sfeam, compressed air, gas, and UqukJs In a broad range of viscoslties. Uquids commonty fittered inctude water, solvents, heat transfer flu/ds, hydrocarbons, palnts and coatmgsr pulp slurry, beverages, pharmaceutlcais, ectbte oifc, foodproducts fuels, and fabrication oMS. Featured Skid Application: Fuel & OU Filtration Hydraulic oil, turbine oll> lubrtcatlon oil, gear oil, transformer oll, and diesel fuel are commonly filtered. Maintaining fluid cteanliness Increases...

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Level and Flow Instruments for Modular Skid Systems - 8

Gas Compression Skid Gas compressors are used wherever higher pressuras or lower volumes of a gas are required, inciuding: natural gas pipeline transport, rfrigration, combustion air, gaseous fuels, and process gas compression. Gas compression Systems are typlcalty used in petroieum refinehes, natural gas plants, petrochemlcal plants, and Chemical faciiities* Featured Skid Application: Gas Compression Skid Commonty found In power generatlng, steel makfrxj, and boiler plants, this compression system increases the pressure ot the fuel gas to a level sultable for opti mum combustion in a gas...

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Level and Flow Instruments for Modular Skid Systems - 14

Water Purification Skid Many industries requtre water puhfied beyond the standard municipal water supply. Two indusirial purtfled water standards are U.S. Pharmacopoeia Purifred Water (USP PW) and Water-for-lnjectton (WFI) the highest purity Industriel water PW and WFI are widety used In food S bevorage, cosmettcs, pharma-ceutical, biotech. and electronlcs Industries, Featured Skid Application: WH Distillation Skid Incorporעt!ng a multiple-effect still, thls skid gnr驭tes highly pure Water-for-lnjection. The still can be configure! to produce pure steam as an option. Level instrumentation...

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Instrumentation from Magnetrol Guided Wave Radar Eclipse and Horizon transmitters are two-wire, loop-powered, 24 VDC level transrrotters based on Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology. Available in coaxiaJ, twin rod and single rod probes, thse leading-edge transmitters provide meosurement performance well beyond that of many traditional technolog Available with H ART*, Founqcton fieldbus譙 and PRORBUS» outputs. Thru-Air Radar Pulsar Puise Burst Radar level transmitters are the latest gn魩ration of loop-powered» 24 VDC liqiid tevel transmitters. They offer lower power consumphon, faster response...

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SPECIAL APPLICATION SERIES Othcr industry and spcial application brochures trom Magnetrol Incfude: Chemical 镕 Power Gnration 驕 Flue Gas De suituriza tton * Pulp & Paper Mills Food & Beverage Օ Renewable Energy Interface Level Measurement Օ Steam Gnration 驕 Ute Science Tank Bridle Level Measurement * Mass Flow Measurement Օ Tank Ovorfifl Prvention Nuclear Power 镕 Understandlng Satety Integrlty Level (SIL) Petroleum Retining Օ Water & Wastewater PLEASE NOTE: The Instruments recommended in ths guide are based on fietd exprience with similar applications and are included as a g驪nerai gukJe to...

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