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oRion INSTRUMENTS a OMagnetior Company THE NEXT GENERATION OF MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATION MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATORS DESCRIPTION Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators, or MLIs, are in widespread use throughout process industries. Originally designed as an alternative to sight and gauge glass devices, the MLI is now commonly used in both new construction and plant expansion. ORION INSTRUMENTS® Atlas, Gemini, and Aurora® magnetic level indicators are precision engineered and manufactured to indicate liquid level accurately, reliably, and continuously. These units are completely sealed and require no periodic maintenance. MLIs also eliminate vapor or liquid emission problems common with sight and gauge glasses. To complement these products, Orion produces a complete range of level switches and transmitters, including the Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar transmitter from Magnetrol International. FEATURES • Numerous chamber styles (or configurations) for each design. Custom designs available. • Complete range of level switches and level transmitters, including Eclipse Guided Wave Radar • Fabricated, non-magnetic chamber assembly produced in a wide range of metal and plastic materials • ANSI and EN 1092 process connections available • Precision manufactured float with internal magnets and magnetic flux ring • Flag or shuttle type indicator with stainless steel scale to measure height, volume, or percentage of level • Standard float stop springs at top and bottom of chamber • Exceptional code qualified welding APPLICATIONS • Feedwater heaters • Industrial boilers • Oil/water separators • Flash drums • Surge tanks • Gas chillers • Deaerators • Blowdown flash tanks • Hot wells • Vacuum tower bottoms • Alkylation units • Boiler drums • Propane vessels • Storage tanks

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MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR | OVERVIEW ATLAS & VECTOR MLI The Atlas is Orion’s standard high-performance magnetic level indicator. Atlas is a single chamber design with either a 2", 21⁄2", or 3" chamber diameter, as required by the application. There are twelve basic configuration styles including top mount models. Special configurations are also available. Atlas MLIs are produced in a wide range of materials, including exotic alloys and plastics. Orion also offers the most complete selection of process connection types and sizes in the industry. Atlas can be equipped with a variety of level...

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OVERVIEW | AURORA® MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR Top View GWR Probe Float See Brochure ORI-101 for more information Visual Indicator Eclipse® GWR Level Transmitter Gas Bypass Zone Baffle Plate DESCRIPTION Aurora’s patented design is the next generation of magnetic level indicators. It is state of the art and reflects Orion’s innovation and commitment to magnetic level indicators. Aurora is a totally redundant monitoring and control system. Liquid levels are tracked with great accuracy using two different technologies. An Eclipse® guided wave radar probe is housed along with the MLI float in a 3"...

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Patent Pending 1 InstaSeal™ valve allows for an effective dry nitrogen purge 2 Double o-ring endplug ensures a reliable seal that keeps moisture out 3 All-metal high contrast powder coated or anodized flags are wider to enhance overall visibility 4 Robust 316 stainless steel enclosure designed to face the elements 5 Extruded shatter-resistant viewing window enhances visibility Dual Scale Single Scale and allows the flags to position closely to the float, enhancing the magnetic coupling Scale Options: • Inches / Feet • Running Inches • Centimeters / Meters • Percent (5% increments) • Gallons...

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FLOAT | MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR FLOAT | MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR Flux Ring: Absorbs magnetic energy and directs it outward Magnets: A full array surrounds the float with a strong and consistent magnetic field Support Ring: Provides reinforcement for the main float body Float Body: Robust and durable construction delivers many years of reliable operation CAPABILITIES • Process pressures up to 4,500+ psig (310 bar) ® • Process Temperatures up to 1,000° F (538° C) ® • Total level specific gravities as low as 0.25 ® • Interface float designs available for liquid specific gravity differentials...

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Design Materials of construction - MLI Materials of construction - Float Construction options Certified material test reports (CMTR) Pressure class ratings Process connection sizes Process connection types Measuring range Temperature range Pressure range Specific gravity range Visual Indicators REVEAL™ Flag assembly seal REVEAL™ visual indicator Aluminum visual indicator Scale options Switch options Transmitter options High temperature options Low temperature options Atlas, Aurora - single chamber Gemini - dual chamber Metal alloys 316/316L or 304/304L stainless steel, 321 stainless...

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OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES | MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE INSULATION Orion specializes in custom fiberglass insulation blankets for MLIs of all shapes and sizes. They are constructed with high-quality materials capable of constant contact with temperatures up to 1,000° F (538° C). This insulation is available as personnel protection or with heat tracing options for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance. CRYOGENIC INSULATION & FROST EXTENSION To facilitate operation where the product is kept cold via chillers, refrigerants, and condensers, cryogenic insulation is...

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LEVEL TRANSMITTERS | SPECIFICATIONS TRANSMITTER SPECIFICATIONS Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar Measuring Range: Jupiter® Magnetostrictive 0.01 mA analog 0.1 inch (cm) display 0.01 mA analog 0.1 inch (cm) display ±0.005% of full span or 0.014 inches (0.356 mm) (whichever is greater) <0.1% of probe length or 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) (whichever is greater) 0.010% of full span or 0.030 inches (0.794 mm) (whichever is greater) less than 3 inches (7.6 cm) when bottom mounted electronics less than 3 inches (7.6 cm) when top mounted electronics Resolution: Repeatability: Linearity: Upper Dead Zone: Lower Dead...

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