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Magnetrol JUPITER® 200 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter DESCRIPTION The Jupiter® 200 transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 V DC liquid-level transmitter and utilises the effect of a magnetic field on the magnetostrictive wire. Jupiter® is available as a direct insertion transmitter or as an external mounted transmitter onto the Atlas® Magnetic Level Indicator. The unit can be designed for liquid level and/or liquid-liquid interface measurement. The innovative enclosure is a first in the industry, orienting dual compartments (wiring and electronics) in the same plane and angled to maximize ease of wiring, configuration, set-up and data display. The high safety level of the Jupiter is demonstrated by a Safe Failure Fraction > 90%. FEATURES * High precision and repeatable level measurement: • accuracy up to ± 0,4 mm (0.015") • repeatability of ± 0,13 mm (0.005"). * Easy bench configuration - no need for level simulation. * Two - wire, intrinsically safe loop powered level transmitter. * Dual compartment with separate housing for wiring and electronics. * Two-line, 8 character LCD and 3 button keypad. * Process temperature up to +450 °C (+850 °F) (external mount) / +260 °C (+500 °F) (direct insertion). * Process pressure up to 26,2 bar (380 psi) - custom floats up to 117 bar (1700 psi). * Probe lengths up to 5,70 m (19 ft). * Float failure reporting. * Suited for SIL 1 or SIL 2 loops (full FMEDA report available). Measures «Level» and «Interface» AGENCY APPROVALS APPLICATIONS MEDIA: - Highly recommended for use in liquids with enhanced foam development. - Interface measurement where the upper liquid layer has a higher dielectric than the lower liquid layer. CONDITIONS: - Suited for use in a turbulent liquid environment as the float remains in contact with the liquid surface whilst emitting its signal. ® Foundation Fieldbus™ units. ® Consult factory for proper model numbers and classifications. Worldwide level and flow solutions

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 2

The Enhanced Jupiter transmitter utilises the engineering principle of magnetostriction and the effect of a magnetic field on the magnetostrictive wire as the basis for operation of the instrument. The primary components are the probe assembly containing the wire and the electronics assembly. © A low energy pulse which is generated by the electronics travels the length of the magnetostrictive wire. © A return signal is generated from the precise location where the magnetic field of the float intersects the wire. © Interaction between the magnetic field, electrical pulse and magnetostrictive...

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 3

As direct insertion model: Jupiter can be mounted inside a bridle, stillwell, external cage or directly inside the vessel. As external mount model: Jupiter can be mounted on a new ordered magnetic level indicator. Direct insertion Externally mounted on magnetic level indicator Optional stilling well Dual level detection Externally mounted on magnetic level indicator measuring 2 liquid levels Units mounted in stilling wells or chambers are optionally provided with centering disc at the base of the probe, guaranteeing free movement of the float.

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 4

The Jupiter® 200 with SIL enhanced electronics is either using a probe with inactive zone or an extended MLI cage to identify a sinking or collapsed float as a float failure. Jupiter® 200 with SIL enhanced electronics are equipped with one float for measuring either the top level or the interface level. float failure zone 3,6 mA or 22 mA (selectable) Inactive zone (3,6 or 22 mA selectable) Direct insertion

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 5

A complete measuring system consists of: 1. Jupiter® 200: transmitter and probe (MLI or cages as shown in this bulletin are not included). 2. OPTION: ATLAS®. Magnetic level indicator for use with Jupiter 200, external mount model. Consult bulletin BE 46-138. 3. Free of charge: Jupiter® 200 DTM (PACTware™) can be downloaded from www.magnetrol.com. 4. OPTION: MACTek Viator USB HART® interface: order code: 070-3004-002 DIMENSIONS in mm (inches) – direct insertion Jupiter® 200 Primary oat. for total or interface level. Probe length NPT, Tri-Clamp®, ange Active span Secondary oat. for total...

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 6

complete order code for JUPITER® 200: direct insertion model 6

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 7

MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION Max Process Temp: +95 °C (+200 °f) Max Process Temp: +260 °C (+500 °f) A 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404) SST (standard) B Hastelloy® C (2.4819) C Monel® (2.4360) D Hygienic 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404) SST 0,5 μm Ra (20 Ra) mechanically polished surface nish E Hygienic 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404) SST 0,4 μm Ra (15 Ra) electropolished surface nish Only in combination with hygienic service oat and cor- DIRECT INSERTION FLOAT(S) See next page for standard oats. Consult factory regarding oats not listed for your application(s). INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS Transmitter to be mounted in...

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 8

DIRECT INSERTION FLOATS The floats listed below are suitable for most applications. Select the appropriate 2-digit float code and place it in the Jupiter® model number (location 9 & 10). Consult factory for custom floats or to consult about your specific application. Direct insertion total level float (uppermost liquid layer) Two floats for total level and interface measurement when utilizing two floats to measure total and interface liquid levels, reference the chart on the left to determine the appropriate float code to insert into the Jupiter® model number. Float Code

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Enhanced Jupiter® - 9

DIMENSIONS in mm (inches) – external mount Jupiter® 200 Probe Length = active span + 20 cm Active Span External mount Top mount Probe Length = active span + 15 cm Active Span External mount Top mount with offset Probe Length = active span + 15 cm Active Span Probe Length = active span + 38 cm Active Span External mount Top mount - high temp. Probe Length = active span + 38 cm Active Span Probe mounting positions on Atlas™, vector™ and Gemini™ 127 (5) 152 (6) External mount Bottom mount with offset External mount Bottom mount - high temp. Probe mounting positions on Aurora®

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