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PRATIKA 56/56CS - 1

KISSING BELT WHAT IS IT FOR Sealing system which permits sealing with horizontal closure of the film in the middle of the product WHAT IS IT FOR To adjust belt distance on the set sealing parameters WHAT IS IT FOR To identify the malfunction and to determine its cause through a process of progressive elimination of possible known causes ADVANTAGES Aesthetically pleasing packaging and sealing quality for any type of film ADVANTAGES It allows to package easily even small products ADVANTAGES Only Pratika machines are equipped, as standard, with this tool, employed in engineering, electronics and computer science TECHNICAL DATA Electrical power supply Pneumatic supply Maximum power Hourly production Useful sealing bar dimensions Maximum product dimensions Maximum roll dimensions Infeed belt height Machine dimensions (open cover) Machine dimensions (closed cover) Machine weight (net/gross) *based on the film used and product size UNEXPECTED IDEAS Minipack-Torre S.p.A. Via Provinciale, 54 - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italy Tel.: +39.035563525 - Fax +39.035564945 - Art Direction BaGar s.r.l. Printed 10.2014 CENTER SEALING THE FUTURE OF AUTOMATIC MACHINES

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PRATIKA 56/56CS - 2

A HIGH PROFILE PARTNER Minipack Torre has chosen Schneider Electric as global partner for the electrical and electronic part of its automatic machines. Schneider Electric’s international character is a synonym of reliability. Users of Minipack Torre machines know they can always rely on - in addition to reliable and technologically advanced products - a widespread and efficient support and spare parts service on 5 continents, that cuts servicing costs and time. COMPLETE AND RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY Pratika 56 is a completely innovative automatic packaging machine, basic model of a Minipack-Torre...

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