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GRAPHIC DIVISIO CONCEPT. CREATIVE, ART DIRECTION BAGAR S.R.L. Via Provinciale, 54 - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italy Tel.: +39.035563525 - Fax +39.035564945 - PHOTOS ILARDOTEAM - DIECIDODICI UNEXPECTED IDEAS UK All the information and pictures in this catalog are based on product specifications last updated when it was published. USA MINIPACK-TORRE S.P.A. reserves the right to modify colors, materials, features and specifications of its models anytime and without notice and is not responsible for possible typing errors. Product specifications are indicative and subject to manufacturer's verification. Some models may be pictured with accessories and/or features not available in some countries. All rights reserved. The reproduction in any way and through any mean is forbidden without the prior authorization of MINIPACK-TORRE S.P.A.

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MINIPACK-TORRE. UNEXPECTED IDEAS FACILITIES HEADQUARTERS MINIPACK-TORRE is located in Dalmine, a few kilometres far from Bergamo. Here there are the Finance & Control and the R&D department, as well as the shrinking and vacuum manufacturing facilities. At present time the manufacturing plant is the core of the company. This is equipped with advanced and flexible tools and CNC machines for the production of all the mechanical components. SALES DEPARTMENT According to the policy of the company to expand and consolidate itself on the market, since some years a new building has been realised...

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TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD-WIDE PATENT The CONTINUA 60 world-wide patent is due to the fact that products, placed within suitably adjusted side guides, are driven into a forming box by a couple of pushers, while the central sealing is carried out by a heated wheel. The products slide in the film and run on a loose conveyor belt driven by two pliers that, through an alternate movement, seal and cut the film around the products which is then ejected by the machine completely packed. CONTINUA 60 PACKAGING WITH A PERFECT CUT AND WITHOUT WASTE. CONTINUA 60 is a fully automatic, horizontal packaging...

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G Low investment for a high performance machine G Plain film rolls G No film waste during working program G Energy-saving (1 Kw - 220 V) G Fast sealing and high productivity G Productivity up to 60 ppm (A3/A4 format) the maximum output is related to the product, the film and the operator ability G Easy to use machine VERSATILITY TECHNICAL DATA Power supply Pneumatic feed Max power Max output Max rolls dimensions (width) Max. product dimensions Min. products dimensions Max product height Machine dimensions Machine dimension with extension Packed machine dimensions Machine weight (net/gross)...

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MAILBAG HIGH PERFORMANCE, LOW CONSUMPTION. HIGH SIMPLICITY, LOW COST. MAILBAG is an automatic, vertical packaging machine, ideal for magazines, newsletters, catalogues and publications. It uses a roll of film mounted on a motor driven roller. An adaptor folds the film forming a sealed envelope containing the product. When the process is complete the product is ejected automatically. True simplicity!

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FEATURES Digital control panel Automatic booklet length regulator with photocell Independent hot wire sealing bars Electronic cutter temperature control Integrated product counter Products to be packed are fed automatically Large working plate TECHNICAL DATA Electrical power supply Max. power Production per hour* Machine dimensions Machine weight (Net/Gross) *Depends on type of product, film and operator ability. OPTIONAL Motor driven outfeed belt Double photocell for printed films 180 mm x h 8 / 12 / 15 / 20 opening forming boxes 7 in x h 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 in opening forming boxes 140...

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TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD-WIDE PATENT UNIKA 50 is the new and revolutionary automatic packaging machine with centre-folded film by MINIPACK-TORRE. This machine conjugates high performances, low cost and handiness. The revolution is in the patented independent sealing blade system which allows to: G G G Do a parallel vertical sealing Do an equal and uniform pressure on the all length of the bag Pack products of different lengths using one unique sealing bar more times UNIKA LINE A UNIQUE SOLUTION IN PACKAGING. From now on, the size of the products is no more a limit thanks to U NIKA 50. Products...

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UNEXPECTED IDEAS. PRODUCTIVITY G Fast sealing and a consequent increase in productivity G Productivity up to 40 ppm (the maximum output is related to the product, the film and the operator ability) G Adjustable sensor to open the blade depending on the height of the product, with direct set-up on the touch-screen control board G Motorised waste winder controlled by inverter Adjustable belt speed by inverter Electronic counter-cycles Automatic control of the switch-on functions 4 product-reading photocells Visible and acoustic emergency signal 8-languages display Integrated and movable roll...

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G Fast sealing and a consequent increase of productivity G Productivity up to 40 ppm (the maximum output is related to the product, the film and the operator ability) G Manual adjust of the sealing blades opening G Motorised waste winder controlled by inverter G Machine completely closed by a covering to ensure operator's security G Unique opening for easy intervention on the machine G Opening doors with safety micros G Easily setting of the working programs TECHNICAL DATA Power supply Pneumatic feed Max. power Max. output Sealing bars dimensions Max. film roll dimensions Max. product...

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MODULAR LINE MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY, MINIMUM EFFORT. The MODULAR LINE semi-automatic, angular machines offer maximum packaging flexibility, and a quality product at a competitive price. MODULAR 50S and MODULAR 70, which have recently been updated and revised, can be used to package products using any material, producing highly attractive results. MODULAR LINE uses an electronically controlled sealing system and the very latest safety devices. The lines can be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode, and the operating programs can be customised in order to simplify the packaging process and...

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