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eVac 65 steps with times. Thanks to Schneider Electric’s technology, it is possible to download a specific App which allows to transfer and reproduce the color touch screen display on tablets and smartphones. This allows to program the machine at distance, to ask for tele-assistance, check the output volumes and check any production stops. It is possible to set up to 100 specific programs with the name of the product to package, to define the vacuum %, the discharge and sealing times, to activate a single or both sealing bars, to set the hood opening height and pump timing. ELCTRONIC FEATURES Schneider Electric PLC with components world-wide assistance Color 5,7” touch screen display Control panel on revolving arm 100 programs Vacuum sensor USB door Print connection through USB door Diagnostics Wi-fi connection (optional) App (optional) technical data Power supplyV400V 3F 50/60 Hz BUSCH pumpm/h200 Usable chamber dimensions mm 670x760x h. 200 tor re mimpack - torre Usable sealing bar length_mm_650 Conveyor belt width Conveyor belt height from the ground_mm_86! Machine dimensions UNEXPECTED IDEAS MINIPACK-TORRE S.P.A. Via Provinciale, 54 - 24044 Dalmine (BG) - Italy Tel.: +39.035563525 - Fax +39.035564945 www.minipack-torre.it - info@minipack-torre.it

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VACUUM PACKAGING OF • Meat • Fish • Sausages • Cheese • Fruits • Vegetables • Non-food products new co mpact high-tech vacuum machine Transparent PMMA cover Cover movement with stepper motor Revolving cover for a simpler and faster maintenance. LED light inside the chamber Control panel in compliance with IP65 Automatic product insertion and discharge Product guides Washable and tension-adjustable conveyor belt Conveyor belt with stainless joint for a rapid removal in case of cleaning and maintenance operations. An innovative, compact, high technology and cheap automatic vacuum machine has...

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