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Sigma² - 1

sigma² range MIG/MAG welding from trades to heavy industry

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Sigma² - 2

You make the demands - we “tailor” the ideal welding machine Sigma² – with or without pulse Sigma² is the second generation of Migatronic’s popular Sigma range with power sources in sizes of 300, 400 and 500 A; available in C (Compact) or S (with separate wire-feed unit) versions and combinable with two different control panels. With or without pulse and with infinitely variable adjustment of all parameters, the Sigma² machines are designed for advanced MIG/MAG welding of all types of materials - in trades and assembly, heavy industry, offshore and automation. Manufactured to order No two...

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Sigma² - 3

Two control panels designed for future updates MIG/MAG characteristic BASIC Synergic features DUO Plus™ and full synergy between parameters, for MIG brazing, etc. Pulse features up to 200 welding programs and is very easy to use. Program package Tack-welding function SYNERGIC Panel lock Control concepts and updates Migatronic’s software development makes it possible to concentrate the intelligence in Sigma². The control panels can be locked with an SD lock card and/or mechanically by means of a key. An SD port inside the control panel 61113487A 61113487A makes it possible to update the...

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Sigma² - 4

Benefits to the environment and bottom line profitability DUO Plus™ - better finish with increased automatic process The DUO Plus™ function optimises control of the weld pool and reduces the heat input. DUO Plus™ is an automatic enhancement of traditional MIG/MAG sequence welding. DUO Plus™ efficiency rate 0-50% of the set welding current (A) (schematic diagram) Pulse time Pause time PowerArc™ for thick-walled plates DUO PlusTM - Stainless steel DUO PlusTM is an automatic sequence function allowing the welder to MIG weld with a ”slow pulse” which is known from many TIG machines. This...

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Sigma² - 5

Intelligent Gas Control IGC® Synergic gas flow with large-scale reduction of gas consumption Intelligent Gas Control Intelligent Gas Control IGC® is designed specifically for Sigma² as a configurable option. An efficient gas-saver kit combined with dynamic gas control that monitors consumption and optimises gas protection for the chosen synergic welding program. Under favourable conditions, IGC® may give gas savings in excess of 50% with proportionally fewer replacements of gas cylinder to the benefit of economy, environment and efficiency. Large-scale reduction of gas consumption Savings...

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Sigma² - 6

Special edition - for shipyards and other heavy industries Stable wire-feeding in hard-to-reach locations Two portable yard units, with or without protective frames, increase the operating range of the high-performance Sigma² 400/500 welding inverters: a closed wire-feed unit, MWF 50 Yard, for 5 kg wire reels or an open model, MWF 55 Yard, for 5 or 15 kg wire reels. MWF 50 yard with galvanised protective frame and trolley MWF 55 yard with galvanised protective frame Extra wire-feed unit: e.g. Pi 200/250 or Zeta 60 Intelligent Sigma² advantages: • Intelligent Gas Control IGC® • Increased...

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Sigma² - 7

Automated welding with Sigma² in a complete robot setup Robot concept – fully operational with all units The two largest Sigma² machines in “automated trim” are designed for integration with robots and automated devices along with RWF Multi. I/O robot interface is the communication interface between the CAN-BUS power source and robot or automated device. Robot interface Robot setup (separate robot brochure available) Special solutions Example of a special solution: Pivot arm with RWF Multi and wire reel. Migatronic wire feed unit MWF 41 Portable wire feed unit for the industry For Sigma²,...

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Sigma² - 8

Migatronic sigma DATA We reserve the right to make changes. Mains current, effective A Power, open circuit, W Efficiency Power factor Duty cycle max /40°C (MIG), A/%/V Application class Protection class * Configured with autotransformer Wire feed unit Wire feed speed, m/min. Wire reel diameter, mm Torch connection Protection class WELDING VALUE Dealer stamp:

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