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SIGMA SELECT A TRULY CUSTOMISED WELDING SOLUTION Modular-based three-phase MIG/MAG and MMA inverter. From basic, manually operated welding machines to advanced 550 amps high-performance pulse welding machines. HAVE IT ALL IN ONE MACHINE With the new Sigma Select you will have one welding machine, that you can instantly adapt to match your current production needs – without deselecting functions you may need in the future. Sigma Select is the new generation of welding solutions, which make it possible for you to adjust your setup whenever you need to. MAKE A SMART INVESTMENT W ith Sigma...

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DESIGNED FOR INTELLIGENT WELDING BEYOND THE ORDINARY EXTENDED WARRANTY - UP TO FIVE YEARS CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL WHEN IT COMES TO CONTROL Register newly purchased welding machines no later than 30 days from the date of purchase and get up to 3 or 5 years’ warranty on selected components. BASIC The Basic level of the control panel is designed for MIG/MAG and MMA welding and manual setting of welding parameters. After registration, you will receive a warranty certificate. We will contact you when it is time for the annual check-up. SYNERGIC In the Synergic level, all primary welding parameters are...

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SIGMA SELECT FUNCTIONS AND PROGRAMS SEQUENCE REPEAT Tab your way to the perfect settings Get stunning TIG-like welds with a MIG/MAG welding machine. DUO Plus technology automatically ensures a perfect final touch. It works in all materials, for all welding positions and all welders can do it. It’s quite simple. The Sequence function makes it possible for you to save up to 9 personal sequences in each welding program. Switch between them with just a tap on the welding torch. Use Sequence for mounting and assembly, for instance where welders carry out many different welds during their...

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Secure maximum weld penetration A clever digital memory Register every weld Take advantage of a digital memory in your welding machine - save your favourite welding settings and recall them anytime you want. Transfer settings to other Select machines. Miga Job Control makes it easy to find your routine settings and start welding right away. Keep track of your welding data with MigaLog software. Analyse and document your work. Use MigaLog to extract conclusive evidence for verification in accordance with EN and ISO welding standards. With PowerArc technology, you build strong and solid...

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SIGMA SELECT SIMPLIFY COMPLEX WELDS Intelligent Arc Control (IAC) makes difficult downward welding of root passes easy, even for less experienced welders. With a 100% stable and focused short arc, you achieve complete fusion in root passes. This increases the quality of each weld and your product. WELD A SOLID FOUNDATION Use Intelligent Arc Control to make the first joint, the root pass. Intelligent Arc Control makes sure that fusion in this first joint is perfect. It makes up a solid groundwork with a flat weld appearance and you can proceed with the rest of your weld. BENEFITS IAC -...

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INTELLIGENT GAS CONTROL IGC® - SYNERGIC GAS FLOW WITH LARGE-SCALE REDUCTION OF GAS CONSUMPTION SAVE UP TO 50% WITH AUTOMATIC GAS CONTROL IGC® Intelligent Gas Control technology prevents over-consumption of gas and gives you long term savings. With weld pools always perfectly protected, you increase the quality of each weld. Make sure that all your welding machines are equipped with IGC® Intelligent Gas Control and save money every day. Your investment will quickly pay for itself. BENEFITS • Always optimum gas protection = no holes, pores or impure welds. Less failures created by...

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SIGMA SELECT Dealer stamp: Migatronic A/S Aggersundvej 33 DK-9690 Fjerritslev, Denmark Tel: (+45) 96 500 600 Telefax: (+45) 96 500 601 WELDING VALUE

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