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Apron Lighting Specialists Born in the aviation industry, Midstream is intimately familiar with the operational, safety and energy efficiency features lighting specifiers require for their critical airport lighting. Midstream's advanced LED high-mast lighting delivers enhanced energy efficiency, improved lighting levels for airline customers and staff, better uniformity of light, increased color rendering and reduced glare to aircraft pilots and the neighboring community. Midstream services major international hubs, small regional airports, private FBOs, military airfields and operators...

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Aviation Glasgow Airport, U.K.

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LED Lighting Pioneers LED technology for high-power lighting is known to all but mastered by very few. Midstream has been a pioneer in this field from the beginning. The challenges of delivering products with very high power and advanced thermal management properties, at a cost that is economically viable, has been the research focus of Midstream from its foundation. Those challenges have been successfully met with a suite of proven LED products suited to a full range of application sectors and performance criteria. Midstream LED product and performance summary Product Asymmetric beam...

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Atlas Series > This series was developed specifically to comply with the requirements of UL 1598, which is a prerequisite for the North American market. > The series was developed to provide a solution for users which need to deliver a high measured lux levels but benefit from the energy savings offered through LED technology. > The extruded aluminium heatsink and stainless steel construction allow this range to be used in harsh conditions such as in high temperature and high salinity environments. The product is available with symmetric optics for multi-spot design solutions (e.g. remote...

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Modus Series > This line was developed to provide a solution for users Heatsink extrusion which need to replace 2 kW Metal Halide projectors. > Users can range from military airfields to open-air repair bays which require a high lumen package but long-life and low maintenance products. > The modular design allows for a versatile approach to lighting design, giving options to combine different power products in the same location.The extruded aluminum heatsink and stainless steel construction allow this range to be used in harsh environmental conditions. > The single 330W module with...

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Lighting for Aviation - 7

Navigational Aids > Midstream is a navigational aids solutions partner for the Airport and Aviation sectors and is able to offer a wide range of lights, portable lighting, signs and AGLs. > Deep product knowledge and wide market presence makes Midstream the supplier of choice for global aviation projects. > Midstream can be contracted as an integrator of all airfield, radar, meteo and navigational systems as well as delivering design and turn-key solutions through our extensive partners network. > Through our partners we can provide low intensity and medium intensity obstruction lights in...

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Lighting for Aviation - 8

Midstream Mobile Tower > Another market first, this unique solution provides the user the ability to apply low-glare asymmetric mobile lighting to applications where upward light above the horizontal plane is undesirable. > Initially designed for Civil Aviation use, another key feature of this product is the ability to provide precise lighting design, accurate for the duration of the project. With a running time of 200 hours on one full tank, this solution is truly mobile and versatile. > Multi-directionally adjustable, mobile 30ft floodlight tower with 4 high- ly efficient, asymmetric 326W...

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Lighting for Aviation - 9

Aircraft Stand Lighting with Mobile Tower The Midstream Mobile Tower is a unique system that allows airside operators to commision an aircraft stand in full compliance with FAA / ICAO requirements (see below). Main application areas are low usage stands, remote aprons, stand reconfiguration and temporary or no-power network locations. Proprietary high-asymmetry optics throw the light to the back of stand without tilting and emitting light into the sky. Low tilt operation significantly reduces glare to pilots and ground staff. Two masts used in tandem can commission up to a ADG VI stand to...

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Lighting for Aviation - 10

Design experience We have a very experienced in-house design team that generates compliant designs for airport projects, whether newly built or on existing high masts. We work with the world’s leading airfield design engineers on projects around the globe, from small island aerodromes to international hubs. Our experience extends to Multiple Aircraft Receiving Stands (MARS), access roads and equipment areas, PIPO/PIPB configuration stands, remote stands, fuel farms, OLS restriction areas, and landside and parking areas. Because our in-house design team was involved in the development of our...

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Lighting for Aviation - 11

Documentation We offer a full lighting package to our clients, which includes a fully compliant design to FAA and ICAO standards with a breakdown of the luminaire numbers, complete installation, handling and maintenance guidance, as well as detailed mounting instructions to support the installation teams. The package includes a light level chart and a financial investment analysis model. As-built drawings can also be provided, on request. Floodlights - 8 x Atlas 900 FH ration 2b Weight - 8 x 93 lb = 744 lb Floodlight Aitas 900 fh luminaries with tilt of 0 &5 Rotation 35 Reference Line for...

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Retrofit Our solution has been designed specifically to allow for fast and efficient installation of the luminaires to existing infrastructure. The plug and play features provide for safe mounting, maintenance and demounting, whilst the adjustable bracket allows for multiple arrangements on all types of heads and crowns. All our luminaires are supplied with an IP68 quick plug, avoiding the need for rewiring the lighting system. . Our luminaires easily integrate with a wide variety of controls systems through 1-10v, DALI or NEMA socket interfaces.

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