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Advanced lighting solutions Advanced lighting solutions Fernetti Inland Terminal Advanced lighting solutions Midstream is a leading manufacturer of specialist lighting. Our clients include major international airports, busy container terminals, railway operators, large asset managers and blue chip corporates. We also work with design consultants and architects to assist with lighting design from master-planning stage through to detailed design stage. We are trusted by many global names to deliver projects to specification, on time and within budget. We believe that for our company to be...

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LED technology LED lighting pioneers LED technology for high-power lighting is known to all but mastered by very few. Midstream has been a pioneer in this field from the beginning. The challenges of delivering products with very high power and advanced thermal management properties, at a cost that is economically viable, has been the research focus of Midstream from it’s foundation. Those challenges have been successfully met with a suite of proven LED products suited to a full range of application sectors and performance criteria. Titan series > Our flagship line was developed as a high...

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Integrated drivers (IP67) Heatsink extrusion Modus series > Another market first, this unique solution provides the > This line was developed to provide a solution for users which need to replace 2 kW Metal Halide projectors. > Users can range from military airfields to open-air stadiums which require a high lumen package but long-life and low maintenance products. lighting design, giving options to combine different power products in the same location. The extruded aluminium heatsink and stainless steel construction allow this range to be used in harsh conditions. Applications > Sport and...

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Aviation Glasgow Airport Aviation As a leading manufacturer of airport lighting systems, our focus is always on the research and development of our proprietary LED technology. We specialise in the delivery of innovative lighting solutions for aprons, large-area applications and areas with OLS restrictions such as aircraft stands, hangars, fuel farms, snow bases and the like. We have experience in working airside and landside in a range of environments, from major international hubs to small regional airports. We have supplied equipment to operators in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America....

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Rail Train maintenance depot Rail Major rail operators have used our proprietary LED technology for High Mast Lighting for a number of years with great success. Most networks have train care and maintenance depots that operate a large number of high mast lighting assets usually running on Sodium or Metal Halide luminaires. Our Titan series LED solution demonstrates significant improvements in light levels as well as major energy savings, directly resulting in improvements in Health and Safety, Security and Environment. We have experience in working rail side with the challenges of location...

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Marine Major container hub Marine We have experience in delivering port lighting and large area lighting solutions to major ports and terminals, internationally. Our advantage lies in our proprietary optic system which allows terminals to achieve the required lux levels where they need it, not on top of container stacks or waterside, where light and energy is wasted. We understand the issues that Ports face with their high mast lighting requirements, so our technology has been designed with this in mind. We are a preferred supplier to a number of port operators for LED lighting solutions. >...

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Sport Football stadium Sport Sport and stadium lighting with LED technology requires the right products with the right level of expertise to deliver results in line with the design specification. Our knowledge of high-power lighting means we are the right choice to design and deliver your next project for stadium, arena or recreational use facilities. Our range of high-power lighting products, developed for this sector, allow us to deliver projects to the most exacting specification, whether working to FIFA or UEFA rules, or to local government or sporting bodies’ requirements. Whether the...

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Industrial Fuel storage facility Industrial Industrial sites have complex lighting requirements ranging from different lux level zones to difficult angles and installation positions. We work in a host of different, challenging environments to deliver a first class, compliant, value generating lighting scheme. Our customers appreciate the hands on, problem solving and bespoke approach we take to every project. Optimisation of a lighting design means an improvement on the ROI for the end user. We deliver projects that have high efficiency with the lowest possible capital expenditure. Our...

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Highways Inner city highway Highways Many cities, councils, municipalities and national highway agencies have high mast lighting in their asset portfolio. These high masts are difficult to maintain, expensive to run and are often located in busy areas such as round-abouts, tolls, bridges and inner city flyovers. We have successfully delivered LED lighting projects, including high mast, street lighting and catenary lighting. These projects have ensured that local regulation is met with respect to light levels, that energy savings are delivered to the city, and that maintenance is reduced to...

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Logistics parks are usually very energy intensive and lighting plays a significant part in this as well as ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. Our products are specifically designed to illuminate large areas, so whether this is for high mast lighting around the logistics park or for high bay application inside the building, we can provide a well-engineered, long-lasting solution. We work with some of the leading retail centre operators and owners on energy efficient high mast lighting solutions. In many cases, logistics operate around the clock, so luminaires with a short...

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