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MICROSCAN BARCODE | VERIFICATION | MACHINE VISION Precision Traceability and Inspection Solutions for Automation and OEM Applications

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Precision Traceability and Inspection Solutions At Microscan we will leverage our expert position to help manufacturers and labs create errorfree operations via innovative track, trace, control and analytics-driven solutions. Data Acquisition and Control Solutions Our barcode, machine vision and verification products boost manufacturing efficiency and quality control, helping our customers reduce costs, monitor quality and increase production flow. From personal electronics to clinical instruments to product packaging, Microscan solutions enable critical production-level applications such...

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1D/2D Symbols and Direct Part Marks Linear (1D) barcodes have been in commercial use since the 1970s and are the most common symbologies used for automatic identification. Increasing numbers of manufacturers are using two-dimensional (2D) symbols, such as Data Matrix, that offer greater placement flexibility and increased data capacity. 1D and 2D Symbology Standards ISO/IEC 15416 1D Print Quality Standard ISO/IEC 15415 2D Print Quality Standard Automotive Industry Action Group: AIAG B-4 Parts Identification and Tracking U.S. Department of Defense: IUID MIL-STD-130 Permanent and Unique Item...

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Barcode Verification and Label Inspection Legible, accurate barcodes and text have never been more important than they are today. Inconsistencies in quality can lead to process inefficiencies and downtime; unreadable barcodes may require re-labeling, re-scanning, or even manual entry of critical information by a human operator. Inconsistent quality may also result in expensive vendor non-compliance fines and other penalties, plus damage the labeled product’s perceived quality. Benefits of Barcode Verification Systems Comply with symbol quality industry standards and directives Maximize...

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100% quality control in manufacturing reduces costs and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. With its wide range of capabilities and applications, machine vision is becoming the standard discipline for automating inspection and other modern industrial processes, through complex image capture and analysis. While human inspectors working on assembly lines can visually inspect parts to judge the quality of workmanship, machine vision systems use a variety of advanced hardware and software components to perform similar tasks at high speeds with greater precision. Microscan holds one...

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Optimal Lighting for Any Application Proper lighting is critical to the success of a machine vision application, and should be the first consideration when setting up a system. A well-planned lighting solution will result in better system performance, and will save time, effort and money in the long run. Machine vision lighting should maximize feature contrast while minimizing contrast of everything else, thereby allowing the camera to clearly “see” the part or mark. Highcontrast features simplify integration and improve reliability; images with poor contrast and uneven illumination require...

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Solutions for Packaging and Labeling Packaging systems are under constant pressure to ensure the quality of primary, secondary and final packaging while maximizing production flow. Microscan’s barcode and machine vision products are commonly used throughout automated packaging applications to monitor, track and trace critical data to ensure quality while maximizing productivity. Barcode Verification Verify Barcode Quality and Compliance ISO/IEC Print Quality GS1, HIBCC Compliance Data Accuracy Machine Vision Inspect Packaging Integrity and Label Quality Cap Presence and Fill Level Blemish...

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Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing Industry leaders within electronics depend on lean manufacturing and efficient use of resources to produce the highest quality products. Effective shop floor data collection is a competitive advantage. Microscan’s barcode and machine vision solutions provide reliable product inspection and traceability to support electronics manufacturing throughout the entire production process. Barcode Reading Read Any 1D/2D Symbol or DPM Component Traceability WIP Tracking Recall Management Time/Date Stamping Machine Vision Inspect Parts and Assembly Label Presence...

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Solutions for Life Sciences and Medical Manufacturers within the life sciences and medical industries require 100% data integrity and extremely reliable components that are small enough to fit into their instruments. From reading labels on specimen tubes or directly marked surgical instruments, to automated presence/ absence detection of microtiter plates, manufacturers depend on the highest levels of performance and flexibility with minimal integration effort. Barcode Reading Read Any Linear Code or 2D Symbol Sample or Tube Carrier ID Reagent ID Match Test to Sample Sample Routing Sample...

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Solutions for Factory Automation Production automation, lot tracking and component traceability are all common requirements for today’s busy factories and assembly plants. Many suppliers choose Microscan for reliable product inspection and data capture, enabling plant floor data tracking, outbound product traceability and part quality requirements from manufacturers. Barcode Verification Verify Barcode Quality and Compliance Symbol Quality and Legibility Direct Part Mark Quality Data Sequence Data Accuracy Machine Vision Inspect Parts and Assembly Dimensional Inspection Text (OCR and OCV)...

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Laser Barcode Scanners From small products for embedded OEM applications to rugged readers for industrial manufacturing environments, Microscan offers a wide range of quality products to read linear barcodes and stacked symbols, with features such as high-speed decoding, wide field of view, symbol reconstruction and aggressive decode algorithms. Read Range Scans/Second Power Sensor IP Rating Connectivity QX-830 Compact laser scanner features QX platform, symbol reconstruction and optional embedded Ethernet protocols. QX-870 Programmable sweeping raster laser scanner with QX...

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