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MicroHAWK - 1

Barcode Readers Simply Incredible

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MicroHAWK - 2

Microscan: Barcode Reading At Its Best Company Founded Products Sold Technology Patents Microscan provides today’s industrial professionals with the most user-friendly barcode reading platforms, thoughtfully engineered to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Our barcode readers enable faster, more accessible, and broader data communication in a wide range of applications. As the inventor of the first laser diode barcode scanner, our company was founded on technology innovation and continues to be a technology leader today. Microscan holds one of the world’s most extensive patent portfolios for...

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MicroHAWK - 3

MicroHAWK: Simply Incredible Mini is now micro. Ease of use is now intuitive. Performance is now available in any configuration. Barcode reading is now simply incredible. Meet MicroHAWK, the next generation of industrial barcode readers. Built on the highest-performance imaging engine in its class, MicroHAWK barcode readers offer an array of modular hardware options to take on any decoding task in three micro form factors. No software to install, no compatibility obstacles, no experience needed. Just plug in and open a browser. MicroHAWK Engine Provides the full range of capabilities for...

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MicroHAWK - 4

Designed specifically for integration into the tightest spaces, MicroHAWK barcode readers are the most compact, lightweight, and durable devices for tough industrial environments. The ID-40 is the world’s smallest industrial IP65/67-rated barcode reader available. MicroHAWK readers include features such as integrated lighting and targeting LEDs, flexible cabling, omnidirectional reading, and adjustable read ranges from 50 to 300 mm (2 to 12 in.) or liquid lens autofocus to read codes at any variable range. ID-40 SMALLEST Industrial IP65/67-Rated Barcode Reader Ever MicroHAWK Readers Can...

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MicroHAWK - 5

Incredibly Agile MicroHAWK offers nearly endless configurations in three micro-form-factor barcode readers. Sensor, speed, lighting, focus, and decoding power can be selected in any combination and packaged into the MicroHAWK reader of your choice with ideal dimensions, connectivity, and industrial rating to meet your requirements. Tailor the performance of these readers to meet the exact requirements of your barcode reading application for optimal size, connectivity, and cost-efficiency. From omnidirectional decoding of 1D barcodes to tough, low-contrast 2D symbols, any MicroHAWK reader...

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MicroHAWK - 6

ID–20 OEM Barcode Reader The world’s smallest full-featured and fully-integrated barcode imager, ID-20 offers OEMs and engineers a perfect set of value and performance options in a tiny, simple, and streamlined solution for embedded designs or WIP traceability. Ultra-compact 2.0 High Speed, Ethernet over USB ID-20, the only reader of its kind, offers a single-cable solution that uses USB for both communication (USB 2.0 High Speed and Ethernet over USB) and power to enable plug-and-play integration. Mini is now micro and incredibly easy to use. advanced decoding algorithms targeting and 13.0...

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MicroHAWK - 7

ID–30 Miniature Barcode Reader A micro-sized barcode imager with huge potential, the ID-30 furthers Microscan’s 30+ year legacy of innovative, space-efficient, miniature design with a corner-exit cable and high-density 15-pin connec­or (offering serial, USB 2.0 High Speed, t and Ethernet over USB capabilities) as well as optional liquid lens autofocus. Perfect for OEMs and machine builders, the ID-30 offers the perfect combination of size, performance, and flexible integration. The ID-30 outperforms any reader in its class and is the ideal solution for automation engineers looking for...

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MicroHAWK - 8

ID–40 Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader A revolutionary new product, the ID-40 redefines the imager market as the smallest IP65/67-rated, true-industrial Ethernet barcode reader. With best-inclass decoding for 1D/2D or DPM codes in a rugged, ultra-compact case, the ID-40 is the com­ lete package for solving any barcode reading challenge under p any condition. Combining unprecedented ease-of-use, exceptional decode performance, optional liquid lens autofocus, and ultra-small form factor, the ID-40 sets the benchmark as the ultimate compact imager in the industry. 5 advanced decoding...

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MicroHAWK - 9

WebLink User Interface World’s first browserbased setup interface for industrial barcode reading Set up, test, control, and monitor your MicroHAWK reader from the web browser of your choice using Microscan’s WebLink user interface. Simply enter your reader’s IP address on any web-enabled device and follow an intuitive setup process to gain access to reader controls. Decode single, multiple, static, moving, printed, or directly marked codes, and even train the interface to adjust for challenging lighting conditions and damage. With WebLink, you can access any MicroHAWK reader’s settings in...

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MicroHAWK - 10

Superior Barcode Reading for Any Industry Data accuracy and reliability are critical for modern manufacturers. MicroHAWK barcode readers offer the widest range of hardware options available to meet any industrial need, all within a miniature form factor that has virtually unlimited integration potential. With no software to install, and no compatibility obstacles, MicroHAWK solves the toughest barcoding challenges for manufacturers in a diverse range of ap­ lications and indusp tries around the world. LIFE SCIENCES Sample tracking Sub-assembly tracking Medical device tracking Automated line...

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MicroHAWK - 11

MicroHAWK Product Specifications ID–20 DECODER X-Mode (Poor or Damaged 1D/2D) X-Mode (Poor or Damaged 1D/2D + DPM) X-Mode (Poor or Damaged 1D/2D + DPM) Standard (up to 10 FPS) or High-Speed (max. sensor FPS) Standard (up to 10 FPS) or High-Speed (max. sensor FPS) SENSOR (CMOS) QSXGA only QSXGA only QSXGA only Fixed (50-300 mm) Liquid Lens Autofocus Fixed (50-300 mm) Liquid Lens Autofocus USB 2.0 High Speed, Ethernet over USB / HID RS-232, USB 2.0 High Speed, Ethernet over USB / HID RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP Power over Ethernet (PoE) , Inner LEDs: 4 White and 4 Red Inner LEDs: 4...

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