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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 1

AutoVISION®Machine Vision Simple, scalable vision system for any application

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 2

Why choose AutoVISION? Complete tool set provides a wide range of auto ID and vision capabilities Intuitive user interface removes the typical complexity of machine vision Simple setup helps busy engineers implement jobs with minimal effort Scalable system saves both time and money as vision jobs can easily migrate as applications evolve Real time feedback and inspection results as a device is being configured or during production AutoVISION Suite: Machine Vision, Simplified Microscan has built a unique set of core competencies over the past three decades, culminating in the launch of...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 3

Reading & Inspection Many industries - from electronics assembly to drug discovery to food & beverage packaging - depend on reliable machine vision for product inspection and identification. The increasing need for higher production output at a lower cost places more stringent demands on manufacturing systems. AutoVISION has helped manufacturers around the world to drive down cost and waste, increase yields, and ultimately meet their track, trace, and control objectives. Consumer Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Electronics & Automotive Lab Automation & Other Life Sciences ■ Barcode...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 4

Intuitive Interface for Easy Setup & Use Just four simple steps: CONNECT to a camera or use Emulator mode. IMAGE view is used to acquire and adjust the image. EDIT the job using vision tools and adjusting each parameter. Real time pass/fail results for each tool are displayed. RUN the job and observe the inspection results in action. AutoVISION features an intuitive user interface that guides the user to connect to a device, configure the hardware, program the job, and monitor results. Upon start up, it automatically detects all compatible devices and immediately begins configuration. It...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 5

Complete Tool Set AutoVISION’s capabilities start with a Locate Tool that is based on pattern matching. The Locate Tool can be used to orient other inspection tools or to detect the absence or presence of complex objects. AutoVISION includes Microscan’s powerful XMode decoding capability for 1D and 2D symbol reading along with trainable font-based OCR. For inspection and control applications AutoVISION includes simple yet powerful Measure, Count and Presence/Absence Tools. Decode and OCR Tools include links to match string input from serial or TCP ports. Easily validate the quality of...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 6

A tool ras been added to thejob. Grab the corners to modify the selected area of tne tool Chaige the parameters of the tool in the Parameters panel. boot? GOrG Linking Tool Parameters f*^1 f Locate Shape 1 Status bo?te fl«OCRlStatW boott <J Count Blobsl Status jj IJJ*1 ^ Count Blobsl NLmber of parts x fl&atl T Locate Shapel jntance 1 ?o?it flf>aC2 1? Locate Shapel ■ritancel Pzr.t j***1 ^ Oecodel Oecooeo Test B st"ng2 CCBfXRI Output String x Data Navigator Window OCR Tool - Decode Printed Text -evel: Beginning-lntermt OCV Tool - Quality Inspectior Custom Vcriticali High Quality Symbol...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 7

CloudLink CloudLink technology provides several tools for visualization of AutoVISION data, including the customizable CloudLink Dashboard interface and two pre-created HTML demos. These allow you to view Microscan Link values and images from compatible AutoVISION smart cameras and vision systems, with no need for a separate license or software purchase. CloudLink Dashboard Interface Customizable widgets include: CloudLink Dashboard is Microscan’s customizable webbased HMI, displaying AutoVISION runtime data on nearly any web browser to pro­ ide real time views and feedback. v The interface...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 8

Customer: Continental AG, Czech Republic Application: Replace existing barcode scanner with smart camera that reads barcodes as well as checking label presence, placement, and print accuracy Products: Vision MINI smart camera with AutoVISION machine vision software, and NERLITE HI-BRITE external lighting Customer Success Story: Electronics While barcode readers are a standard in many industries, many manufacturers are looking to incorporate additional inspection capabilities to address increasingly strict quality requirements. Smart cameras provide the ability to read barcodes and perform...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 9

Customer Success Story: Pharmaceutical Customer: Boehringer Ingelheim, Greece Application: Ensuring Data Matrix symbol presence and validating readability of text (OCR) on pharmaceutical packaging AutoVISION machine vision systems were selected for integration into a packaging inspection solution to help one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies comply with European anti-counterfeiting regulations. Products: Vision HAWK smart camera and AutoVISION machine vision software, integrated into printHawk all-in-one solution from Microscan partner A local Microscan Partner specializing in...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 10

AutoVISION Software & Hardware AutoVISION Software For Novice Users and Basic to Mid-Range Applications Includes Microscan’s X-Mode 1D/2D decoding and fully teachable OCR, along with Locate, Measure, Count and Detect tools. Verification and OCV tools validate quality of printed text such as date/lot codes. Microscan Link Connects job parameters to industrial control systems or to a PLC system with a simple click. Capabilities: • 1D/2D symbol decoding • OCR & OCV • Dynamic part location • Assembly verification • Dimensional measurements Customizable web-based HMI displays AutoVISION runtime...

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AutoVISION Machine Vision - 11

AutoVISION Software & Hardware Vision MINI Smart Camera World’s Smallest Fully Integrated Vision System Smallest fully integrated smart camera: FEATURES: • Integrated lens, lighting & cable for implementing robust inspection in tight spaces Ideal Includes high resolution and color models • Lightweight • Ultracompact size • RS-232 & USB 1.1 Vision MINI Xi Smart Camera Fully Integrated Miniature Industrial Vision System Smallest fully integrated smart camera: Integrated Ethernet and serial connectivity, 24 V interface, and optically isolated I/O Includes high resolution and color models...

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