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Comparison between bias and radial tyres Classification of earthmover Michelin tyres Different earthmover Michelin tyres tread • Tread depths • Tread compounds • Tread patterns EARTHMOVER TYRES FOR QUARRY AND CONSTRUCTION Tyres for rigid dump trucks with payload up to 100 tonnes Tyres for articulated dump trucks PRODUCT LIFE

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Komatsu - 3

COMPARISON BETWEEN BIAS AND RADIAL TYRES Bias or cross ply construction The crown and sidewalls are formed by the same ply structure. The casing is made up of several criss-crossed plies. The tread is affected by flexing of the sidewalls, resulting in: • deformation of the tyre contact area on the ground • movement in the tread contact area. The casing plies tend to “scissor” in relation to each other Disadvantages: • accelerated wear • less grip • increased fuel consumption The MICHELIN® X® radial The sidewall and tread function separately. The tread is unaffected by the flexing of the...

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Komatsu - 4

CLASSIFICATION OF MICHELIN TYRES According to their aspect ratio The wide diversity of earthmover machines and their uses requires the development of numerous ranges of tyres. Earthmover tyres differ from those mounted on cars or commercial vehicles by: • Their size and weight • Their tread depths are proportionally greater • More reinforcements to deal with the harsher conditions of use There are several families of earthmover tyres, characterized by their aspect ratio H/S (ratio in % between the height of the sidewall H and the section width of the tyre S). H= standard section height - S=...

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Komatsu - 5

DIFFERENT EARTHMOVER MICHELIN TYRES TREAD According to their tread depths The tread depth ‘SUPER, D1, D2’ is sometimes indicated on the sidewall tyre. SUPER (SUPER E3, SUPER L3) Regular tread Michelin designation: SUPER (N < SUPER < D1) (E2 - E3 - L2 - L3 G2 - G3) Traction / Regular tread Michelin designation: N (Normal) (E4 - L4 - G4) Deep tread Aggressive ground Michelin designation: D1 = N x 1,5 (L5) Extra deep tread Abrasive and aggressive ground Michelin designation: D2 = N x 2,5 Different Michelin earthmover tyre compounds Type A4: Particularly resistant to cuts, tread tearing and...

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Komatsu - 6

Highway maintenance Maintenance of parks & green spaces Rental machine Building/Public works Road building Infrastructure building sites (roads, railways, canals, dams etc.) XHA2 Logging Recovery of aggregate and other materials Extraction from quarry or mine face Industrial handling Management of waste and recycling

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Komatsu - 7

Tyre performance As a result of a close partnership with the machine manufacturers and long experience with the users in the field, MICHELIN tyres are developed with a single objective: maximising the efficiency of your loader when carrying out everyday tasks. (BOLD): current models Michelin tyres are not approved on block handling machines

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Komatsu - 8

rigid dump trucks with payload up to 100 tonnes Rental machine Public works Infrastructure building sites (roads, railways, canals, dams etc.) Road building

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Komatsu - 9

Tyre performance grou nd soft on o n Trac ti MICHELIN tyres aim to achieve a lifespan and an unrivalled resistance to damage in any given condition. They also contribute to reducing the downtime of your machines and increase the productivity of your tasks. XHD1 XDT B X-TRACTION X-QUARRY (S) XDR2 (1) evaluation based mainly on the inertia of rotating masses In order to adapt the TKPH of the tyre to that of your building site, various types of rubber are available in the dimensions 24.00 R 49 and 27.00 R 49. Consult your MICHELIN representative to discuss the available solution. Customised...

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Komatsu - 10

Rental machine articulated dump trucks Public works Infrastructure building sites (roads, railways, canals, dams etc.) X-SUPER TERRAIN / X-SUPER TERRAIN + Road building

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Komatsu - 11

Tyre performance Customised offer In order to meet to your specific needs, your MICHELIN representative can advise you on the following tyres: • 29.5 R 25 XADN E3V TL 200E: ideal for high speeds and long cycles. • 29.5 R 25 XS E7 SAND TL 196E: specifically for mobility on sand. These products are available on special order following an analysis of your building site by your MICHELIN representative. X-SUPER TERRAIN / X-SUPER TERRAIN + (1) evaluation based mainly on the inertia of rotating masses. Michelin offer for Komatsu Tread patterns (BOLD): current models (D) Derogation RT: Replacement only

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Komatsu - 12

Snow clearance Highway maintenance XTLA Public works Rental machine Transport infrastructure building sites (roads, railways, canals, dams etc.) Maintenance of quarry or mine slopes

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Komatsu - 13

Tyre performance Resi st brea ance to ks, p s erfo hocks, ratio ns MICHELIN tyres are designed to ensure availability of your machinereduce costs of usage. Customised offer Snow Special For extreme usage requiring a high level of protection, it is possible to fit tyres for underground mining machines to your grader. Your MICHELIN representative is available to discuss the best solution with you. XLD D2 (1) evaluation based mainly on the inertia of rotating masses. Michelin offer for Komatsu (BOLD): current models Tread patterns

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Komatsu - 14

PRODUCT LIFE Tyres are made from different types of materials and rubber-based components, whose properties are essential to the proper running of the tyre itself. These properties evolve over time. For each tyre, this evolution depends on many factors, such as climate, storage conditions (temperature, humidity, position, etc.), conditions of use (load, speed, inflation pressure, road damage, etc.) to which the tyre is subjected during its working life. These ageing factors vary so much that it is impossible to predict the life of a tyre with any accuracy. This is why, in addition to regular...

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Komatsu - 15

Tyre size Tread patterns X-CRANE / X-CRANE + XGC | EARTHMOVER | MIC NG TYRES 33.00 D51 ATERIAL HANDLI | AN R M credit : iStockphoto Clermont-Fd - Photos ELIN - RCS 855 200 507 R.C.S. 352 321 285 - MICH

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Komatsu - 16

Contact Eastern Europe South America MICHELIN - MOSCOW Smolnaya street 24D (2sd floor) 125445 Moscow Russia Tel: +7 495 258 09 26 Sociedad Michelin de Participaçoes Industrial e Commercial Ltda Avenida das Americas - Bloco 4 Barra Da Tijuca Río de Janeiro (RJ) CEP 22640-100 Brasil Tel: + 55 (21) 36 21 46 46 Africa/India/ Middle East MICHELIN (China) Investment Co. Ltd. Dawning Center Tower B (East Tower, 16th floor) 500 Hongbaoshi Road Shanghaï 201103 P.R. China Tel: + 86 (21) 22 19 08 88 Michelin AIM FZE JAFZA LOB 14, 5th floor P.O.Box 263034 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, UAE...

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