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MODUL FLEX MODUL-FLEX is a system designed to assemble modular chain conveyors for any application Modular chain conveyors are well suitable to deal with unpacked food products or all those products which require a high level of stability. The Modul-Flex system allows maximum flexibility and can be fitted with chains of the major producers: INTRALOX, HABASIT, REXNORD MCC. The MODUL-FLEX allow both straight and curved tracks to satisfy any layout requirement. The structure is realized in anodized aluminum: plain side for food applications in order to prevent sedimentation, with caves to fix side guides or accessories. Easily adaptable to all the market’s requirements it comes in the following standard dimensions: TYPICAL PRODUCTS CHOCOLATE BAKERY PRODUCTS BOXED PRODUCTS PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS Curved tracks: • 101 mm (4 Inches) • 152 mm (6 Inches) • 203 mm (8 Inches) • 254 mm (10 Inches) • 305 mm (12 Inches) • 406 mm (16 Inches) Straight tracks: • 508 mm (20 Inches) • 609 mm (24 Inches) • 711 mm (28 Inches) • 813 mm (32 Inches) On request the system can be adapted to any dimension and accessories (rubber grips or clamps). Also Stainless Steel AISI 304 version is available for washdown applications. via G. Vittorio, 3 20020 Misinto (MI), ITALY tel. +39 02 96720176 fax +39 02 96720215 Stainless Steel Modul-Flex for meat industry

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MODUL FLEX TECHNICAL DATA * maximum conveyor lenght: maximum conveyor speed: STANDARD CHAIN MODELS: Intralox * These data are rule of thumb. Data may change depending on product weight, track lenght, number of bends, speeds, motor size and chain type. Please contact our engineering department for further request

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