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UVarnish - 1

Digital Graphic Technology Offline Flood UV Coater for Digital & Offset Prints

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UVarnish - 2

Offering a Premium Service Professional Substrate -Large capacity automatic feeder -Double feed detection system -Standard jogging table -Optional high cap. output stacker Coating Syste Hardened Polished Steel & EPDM Rollers ^extended length on request

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UVarnish - 3

r Offset Printed Substrates... e with Strong Profit Margins! tes ne Infrared L am In-li ps 3 In-line Infrared Lamps: Creates a perfect & smooth coating UV La m p 4 OZONE FREE UV Lamp: UV Substrates are immediately dried ngs ati Co 5 6 Substrates: Paper: Glossy and Matte Coated Papers (CS1/CS2) Plastic: PVC, PET... Substrate Thickness: From 150 gsm/55Lb. Cover up to 500 gsm/180Lb. Cover UV coatings: Glossy, Premium & Overprint to cover all types of high value-added applications

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UVarnish - 4

Business Cards Super Format Hardened Polished Steel & EPDM Rollers Papers: Coated (glossy or matte) Substrate Thickness: Paper input/output: - Large capacity automatic feeder - Double feed detection system - Standard jogging table - Optional output stacker. Substrate Format: * extended length on request Production Speed: Available Coatings: Glossy Premium & Overprint. 4 kW mercury UV lamp Ozone Free. Up to 1,500 hour lifetime. Electrical power: Europe/Middle East/Africa Americas/Caribbean/Asia Pacific 1 61, Avenue de Verdun 31 43 Skyway Circle 94204 IVRY/Seine Cedex - FRANCE Melbourne, FL...

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