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A simplified card production process JETcard 3D is a true Card Factory which can replace up to 5 traditional pieces of equipment - offset press, collator, lamination press, die cutter & personalization printer/encoder. Dramatic cost reduction The JETcard 3D combines the qualitative/quantitative advantages of an offset press (speed, output, inks) with the flexibility of digital printing technology (variable data printing and on-demand production capabilities). Variable data MGI’s inkjet technology and the integrated RIP allows all types of variable data printing with all JETcard 3D inkscoatings - including the UV security ink. The JETcard 3D is designed for seamless plastic card production. A single operator can supervise the whole production - even for a 250,000 card batch. Everything is automated and fully digitally controlled. Printing technology Magnetic stripe encoding Print resolution Back & Front End System MGI’s Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inkjet technology. Piezo heads mounted on a solid plate covering the entire width. Single pass printing Up to 720 x 2160 dpi 4-Color printing (C,Y,M & K) and additional UV inks (pre-coating, security ink, UV coating, white opaque ink, spot colors, etc.) Full-bleed card printing. New Enhanced Printing functions Printing with spectacular embossing 3D effects or flat print effect Opaque white UV ink now available Signature panel printing Variable Data Printing even on embossed 3D effects Because each square meter represents additional costs, JETcard 3D requires only 50 m² to operate, where the 5 traditional pieces of equipment needed 500 m². 10 times less space translates into more margin for your business. Amazing production speed Maintenance and remote technical support Up to 8,000 simplex cards per hour. First card out in 16 seconds. No preheating or system latency Daily maintenance completed in less than 10 minutes. Most procedures automated. From cold start to production in less than 15 minutes. Remote troubleshooting & support via included video/web camera (high speed internet connection required) Card size specifications Operator panel ISO CR-80 compliant (width x length) - 53.98 mm x 85.60 mm or 2.13” x 3.37” Increased format size capabilities (larger than CR-80), such as coupons, key cards/key fobs and combo cards (CR-80 card plus key fob) Thickness - from 300 up to 1000 microns Every single hour, JETcard 3D delivers 8,000 simplex cards or 4,000 duplex cards fully printed, personalized, encoded, coated and verified. Integrity & quality controls Optimize your stock and storage spaces Integrated user-friendly touch-screen LCD. 5.98 x 1.25 x 1.85 meter / 19.7 x 4.1 x 6.1 ft 1 meter / 3.3 ft clearance required on all 4 sides Electrical requirements 500** card magazine - change on-the-fly during production High capacity feeder mounted on a rotating carousel holding up to 5 key-coded magazines for a total capacity of 5x500=2,500** cards. Change on-the-fly during production Eliminates resource waste (wasted electricity, paper, inks & varnish) No plates (offset) or screens (screen printing) No messy cleanup or preparation between jobs Drastic reduction in amount of consumables and use of bulk packaging. Ozone free.Varnish/ink without solvent Card transportation system Operating environment 100% flat path system with double feed detection Temperature: 18 to 30°C/64 to 86°F Relative humidity: between 20 and 70% (no condensation) Noise level: 69dB(A) at 50Hz Automatic and in-line UV curing system. Ozone-free process *speed will vary according to printing parameter used **using 760 micron cards Stop outsourcing With the JETcard 3D, there is no need to store thousands of pre-printed card shells for your customers that are awaiting final personalization.You just need to store raw plastic & paper cards that you will print & personalize in just one pass, in the exact quantity required. PVC cards with/without treatment, PET, Teslin, PLA, other synthetic substrates. Paper cards using coated materials - such as Arjo Wiggins Sequoia JETcard 3D includes several on-board camera systems which guarantee that each card is properly encoded, printed and the front side matches exactly the back side. aPowerful RIP provided on a dedicated PC – key features include color management, variable data printing, and a production cost calculator aCommand WorkStation using another dedicated PC (1st screen + keyboard/mouse at operator level) aIntegrated webcam to monitor card production process (2nd screen at operator level) aEthernet connection 10/100/1000BT (RJ-45) Production speed* Reduced footprint HiCo & LoCo compliant. All written data are automatically verified. Defective cards are routed into a rejection bin JETcard 3D UK - 31/10/2012 - Code Chrono 7522 : Since the JETcard 3D requires a single operator - instead of 3 to 5 with traditional processes – this reduces dramatically the cost burden and achieves a breakthrough high productivity level. Don’t farm your card production (and profits) out any longer - bring your profits back in-house with the JETcard 3D. Environmentally friendly solution The JETcard 3D is a marked evolution from traditional plastic card manufacturing due to the utilization of eco-friendly technology, saving resources, eliminating waste (inks, electricity, no plates or screens) and harmful emissions (ozone free, no solvents, no chemical waste) while reducing the overall electrical consumption compared to traditional methods. In addition, the JETcard 3D can print on environmentally friendly paper cards, a sustainable alternative to PVC with the same standard thickness (760 µ) and made of 100% recyclable and natural materials. Europe/Middle East/Africa/Russia @MGI_USA 161, Avenue de Verdun 94204 Ivry-sur-Seine Cedex - FRANCE Tél : +33 (0)1 45 21 06 60 Fax : +33 (0)1 45 21 14 90 Pre-launch brochure - All the other trademarks cited are marks registered by their respective manufacturers. This is not a contractual document anf technical specifications subject to change without notice. Operator / end-users are invited to submit substrates to MGI for validation. Americas/Caribbean/Asia Pacific 3143 Skyway Circle Melbourne, FL 32934 - USA Tel: +1 321 751 6755 Fax: +1 321 751 6777

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