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Digital Graphic Technology Inkjet Spot UV Coater With NEW 3D Raised Effects

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The JETvarnish 3D takes digital spot UV coating to a new dimension, featuring increased throughput for at spot UV jobs and amazing 3D raised effects. Ideal for operations with digital and offset presses up to 52x105 cm (20x42”) format, the JETvarnish 3D is the perfect solution for 3D or traditional spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands, providing printers with true value-added services. Gain new customers and explore protable market opportunities: your clients will receive visually stunning, tactile pieces that allow them to differentiate themselves from their peers. Instant...

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Take Your Prints To A Whole New Dimension 3D Spot UV Coat Directly Onto Digital Prints No lamination required. Take advantage of MGI’s newly redesigned coating formula coupled with the ability to precisely vary the level of coating thickness on each sheet along with MGI’s ARC registration technology to give your digital prints an additional WOW factor. The Variable Data option adds full personalization capabilities for maximum marketing impact. Inkjet Technology MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology bring you the quality you deserve, from the rst page to the very last. Precise piezo...

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New - two registration cameras The JETvarnish 3D comes equipped with ARC registration technology (Automated Registration Camera), two onboard cameras combined with a proprietary tracking system designed to calibrate (on-the-y) coating registration from sheet to sheet. The rst camera is reading any printed marks and automatically corrects for changes in X and Y portions of each sheet. The second camera detects the paper skew and adjusted it onthe-y. The ARC system ensures accurate spot UV coating, even on jobs with inconsistent print registration, a traditional obstacle for those wishing to...

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Cosmetic Overwrapping B°ok Covers Luxury Packs

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Printing Technology Paper Path Coating Thicknesses MGI’s exclusive inkjet engine technology Drop-on-Demand (DoD) inkjet Piezoelectric print heads in single pass printing Flexible & scalable printing architecture 100% at paper path Vacuum feed system Air feed system Automatic double sheet detection Depending on your le and the paper used, the coating thickness can vary, from 3 microns (µ) same as a traditional at spot UV coating, up to 200µ1 for 3D raised effects and a tactile nish Production Speed Up to 3,0002 B2 sheet size per hour (at spot UV coating or 2D) Left & right side lay guides on...

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