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P|Cabling - Cables and lines - Intelligent Cabling with Copper and Fiber Optic Cables

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Cables and lines Intelligent Cabling with Copper and Fiber Optic Cables

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines Cable concepts with a perspective The world is becoming more and more networked. Consistent as well as transparent information - available everywhere and at all times - devices that communicate with other devices to depict processes - all of this is increasingly determining our daily lives. All this requiresreliable connection technology. Creating perfect connections - that is the core competence of METZ CONNECT. The decision between fiber optic or copper data cables as the ideal solution for the workplace depends on many factors: deployment environment,...

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines Development of Ethernet data rates in GBit/s IMPORTANT STANDARDS FOR THE CABLING INTERNATIONAL General requirements Office spaces Industrial spaces Data centre spaces Distributed building services Installation specification and Quality assurance Generic cabling systems Telecommunications bonding networks for buildings and other structures Installation planning and practices inside buildings Cabling installation Installation planning and practices outside buildings

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines Products and solutions We provide solutions today. For the innovations of tomorrow.

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines APPLICATION IN THE LAN - LOCAL AREA NETWORK Our high-quality cables are always used where a high-speed data transmission in local area networks (LAN) is required. The cables are thereby used for structured and application neutral networks - Ethernet 100 BaseT, 1000 BaseT and 10 GBit Ethernet. In addition to the voice and data communication applications our solutions are suitable for the remote power supply of various terminal devices through Power over Ethernet (4PPoE up to 100 W) and HighEnd 4K video (e.g. HDBaseT). Our product range includes installation...

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METZ CONNECT - Cables and Lines EU CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS DIRECTIVE (BAUPVO)/(CPR) The new EU Construction Products Directive - in short BauPVo - replaced the previous Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (BPR) in July 2013, and has been adopted as a European Directive in all EU member states since July 1, 2017. The aim was to create a common technical language by adopting the standards, which defines uniform product and testing standards through technical specifications. The Construction Product Regulation (CPR) refers to all cables that are manufactured or distributed for the fixed...

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines FIRE BEHAVIOR For years, flame retardancy has been one of the minimum requirements for indoor cables. PVC cables are often used. Although they are highly fire retardant they will not prevent the fire spreading. They can even release highly corrosive and toxic gases. High-quality LSHF (FRNC) materials with significantly improved properties offer a proven and future-proof alternative to PVC cables in the event of fire. Protective LSHF sheath (Low Smoke Halogen Free) What advantages to halogen-free cables offer? Innovative cable solutions for more safety Fire...

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METZ CONNECT - Cables and Lines The SM fiber used by METZ CONNECT is characterized by an exceptionally high bending resistance. In addition, it belongs to the so-called low-water peak fibers with reduced OH absorption and thus has a low attenuation over the entire wavelength range between 1260 and 1625 nm. Together, this allows unlimited use for a variety of applications. In addition to being used in office installations - as a patch or connection cable - the bend-insensitive SM fiber for Fiber-to-the-Home networks offer significant advantages for the network installer. In this way, both...

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines Bend-insensitive and laser-optimized multimode fibers: The MaxCap-BB® -OMx fibers are characterized by an exceptionally high bending resistance. In addition, their special design makes them especially optimized for highbit-rate transmissions using VCSEL lasers. All variants (OM3, OM4 and OM5) are gradient fibers with a core of 50 µm and an outer diameter of 125 µm. However, a mixing of OM3 and OM4 is not possible due to the different refractive index profiles and thus the different mode distributions. Bend-insensitive OM3 fiber compared to normal OM3 fiber...

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METZ CONNECT – Cables and Lines OM5 - future-proof multimode fiber for data centers Previously, multimode fibers were only operated with a narrow band at 850 or 1300 nm. In order to satisfy the rapidly increasing demand for more and more band widths, the new OM5 fiber type was developed with very good transmission properties in a band range of 100 nm: in the range from 850 to 950 nm, four wavelengths can be transmitted simultaneously with the aid of the so-called wavelength multiplexes. The keyword here is Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM), a method that enables four times...

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METZ CONNECT - Cables and Lines

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12 METZ CONNECT - Cables and Lines OpDAT Mini Breakout Cable Compact Compact mini-breakout cable for horizontal and backbone cabling. Cable design The cable contains 4 coloured semitight buffered fibers (0 0.9 mm) and aramid yarn for strain relief. The cable sheath is halogen free with a low smoke emission and self-extinguishing properties. Areas of application Typical application is the cabling in the building (Fiber-in-th e-Home) as a continuation of the fiber from the house transfer point of the FTTH network (Fiber-to-the-Home). max. Tensile strength during the installation 1000 N...

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METZ CONNECT - Cables and Lines OpDAT Mini Breakout Cable U-VQ(ZN)H Mini-breakout cables are mainly designed for indoor use. They have an LSHF-FR outer sheath. The cables are UV-resistant, Cable design The cables with tight buffered fibers and glasroving elements as a strain relief have a flame retardant, halogen free outer sheath. A waterproof layer of coated glass rovings gives the cable the necessary tensile strength. The cable is equipped with a FireRes®-LSHF-FR jacket. metal-free, water and moisture-resistant. All fibers inside are bend-insensitive. Areas of application Possible...

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