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C|Logline - Data logger – Energy Monitoring made simple

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Data logger -Energy Monitoring made simple METZ CONNECT

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8 configurable temperature or voltage inputs 4 current inputs 0-20 mA, 4 voltage inputs 0-10 V 4 relay outputs, manual control facility 4 triac output, manual control facility 4 voltage outputs 0-10 V, manual control facility 4 digital outputs (Photo MOS) 4 digital outputs (relay) 11 digital inputs 6 universal inputs (temperature/voltage 1 analog output (current) 2 analog output (voltage) 1 S0 input MR-LD6 P/N 11084413 6 analog inputs, 2 relay outputs For monitor electrodes of leakage sensors or the fill level of fluid containers and to switch pumps or magnetic valves 3 analog inputs (230...

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• umper bar enables quick and easy J installation of expansion modules • ush buttons and LED’s for manuel P operation and display • ual Core ARM-Cortex-A7 Processor D 1Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash • ulti I/O with 24 digital and analogue M inputs and outputs • x Ethernet ports with 2 Daisy Chain Functionality • djustable if/than function A • esigned for easy implementation in D electrical distribution boards with 45 mm cap • ompact design (125 mm width) takes up C less space in the switch cabinet METER 1 METER 2 METER 3 • asy to install and low maintenance with E Hardware Management,...

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Data Analysis Data Analysis FTPS BACnet/IP E-Mail (SSL) TCP/IP Ethernet (Daisy Chain) Phase Monitoring Current [I] Voltage [U] Frequency [Hz] Effective Power [P] Apparent Power [S] Reactive Power [Q] optional expansion modules for the conversion of physical properties such as temperature or S0 pulses into M-Bus telegrams, the collection of S0 double tariff meters, the expansion of I/O modules create countless expansion options for the system around the EWIO2-M. * Device mode

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4 x temperature input 4 x temperature input S0/M-Bus DT-Converter in IP65 housing for mounting on ceilings, walls or underfloor 4 Channel S0/M-Bus Converter to record impulses from energy meters over a standardised interface according to DIN EN 62053-31 Class A S0/M-Bus DT-Converter for recording double rate meters. Depending on the input wiring, impulses are saved in either counter register T1 or T2. Temperature/M-Bus Converter with 4 individually adjustable Channels. Preselected characteristic curves for PT100, PT500, PT1000, Ni100, Ni 1000, NTC1 k8, NTC10k, NTC 20k, KTY10 Sensors...

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METZ CONNECT GmbH is member of the following organizations and associations. Bicsf CORPORATE MEMBER ZV€I: Siecia METZ CONNECT USA Inc. 200 Tornillo Way Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 USA Phone +1-732-389-1300 Fax +1-732-389-9066 METZ CONNECT France SAS 28, Rue Schweighaeuser 67000 Strasbourg France Phone +33 38 86 170 73 Fax +33 38 86 194 73 METZ CONNECT Zhongshan Ltd. Ping Chang Road Ping Pu Industrial Park Sanxiang Town Zhongshan City, 528 463 Guangdong Province China Phone +86 760 86365 055 Fax +86 760 86365 050 METZ CONNECT Asia Pacific Ltd. Suite 1803, 18/F Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1...

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