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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 1

PowerDeck™ vs. Standard Analog Scale 4 Reasons to Adopt the New Technology

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 2

Floor scales are an integral part of many bulk production processes, however due to their dated technology they can also be a source of headaches in their various production areas. The new PowerDeck Digital Floor Scale takes aim at each major problem – leaving you with four compelling reasons to adopt this new technology. Operator Guidance Reduced Maintenance Improved Visibility

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 3

1. Operator Guidance: Analog Lack of Direction, Leading to Critical Errors In fast paced industrial environments, there are many errors that can occur at the floor scale. Traditional analog floor scales offer little direction for operators to correct common issues that can lead to critical weighing errors and waste. Improper load positioning causing uneven filling and spills Load is not fully on the scale, causing inaccurate measurement Lack of alert system to warn operator when these errors are occurring When vessels are improperly placed on scales, inaccurate filling is possible

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 4

1. Operator Guidance: PowerDeck™ Actively Guiding Operators to Improved Performance Lack of visibility around a scale, time pressure or force of habit can all be factors that lead to inaccurate placement of a load on a scale. The center placement feature of PowerDeck ensures that this error is realized and directs an operator on how to correct. No more spills from uneven filling Immediate notifications of misplaced loads means weighing errors are avoided Operator is guided to optimal load placement every time When improper placement is detected, users are notified and guided to proper placeme

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 5

METTLER TOLEDO 2. Accurate & Durable: AnalogMultiple Scales, Half the Precision Traditional analog standard floor scales can only perform at a certain level of accuracy, leaving a need for many industrial facilities to change scales depending on batch size and desired precision. In addition, analog systems cannot offer protection from hidden threats like damaged load cells or environmental risks. ■ Switching between multiple scales slows production ■ Undetected weighing errors caused by damaged load cells or debris under the platform lead to inaccurate measurements, bad batches and waste ■...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 6

METTLER TOLEDO 2. Accurate & Durable: PowerDeck™ Single Scale for Industry Leading Precision With the introduction of POWERCELL technology in floor scales, a new level of accuracy is now possible from a single scale. In addition, proactive alerts and monitoring mean errors are detected and corrected early, before they lead to waste. ■ Eliminate the need for multiple scales, saving you money and product space ■ The smart load cells in PowerDeck actively monitor their own accuracy levels, and send alerts when calibration is needed ■ Global accuracy approvals from the world’s leading metrology...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 7

3. Reduced Maintenance: Analog Break-Fix, Break-Fix, Break-Fix While they are a necessary part of many industrial operations, floor scales can have a reputation for being a real pain for those who use them. With sensitive electronics exposed to harsh elements, they are prone to frequent damage and downtime for repair. Sensitive analog load cells and junction boxes are prone to water damage Harsh environments cause accuracy to drift quickly, causing expensive recalibration and production stops Lack of visibility leads to time consuming trouble shooting by maintenance or technicians Wet...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 8

3. Reduced Maintenance: PowerDeck™ Designed to Thrive in Harsh Conditions Constant break-fixes can be a real strain on your facility’s production and maintenance budget. PowerDeck aims to combat this issue. Eliminating the junction box means the most common cause of floor scale failure has also been eliminated. POWERCELL digital load cells connect to each other without the need for a junction box, meaning the system is completely water proof Smart load cells know when they need attention – rather than constantly checking, operation can continue until the operator is alerted to an issue...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 9

METTLER TOLEDO 4. Improved Visibility: AnalogDated Technology Limiting Your Capabilities While the rest of your industrial operation progresses, your floor scales are still utilizing technology that is over 50 years old. Limited visibility into potential errors leaves you in the dark. ■ Unintelligent load cells do nothing to warn of potential causes of error including debris or damage ■ Basic technology is unable to actively adjust to environmental factors, leading to drifting accuracy and undetected patterns ■ No visibility into individual load cells Traditional analog floor scales must be...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 10

4. Improved Visibility: PowerDeck™ From Operations to Finance, True Operations Visibility With proactive alerts warning of shock loading, debris and extreme temperatures, operators can correct potentially harmful conditions before they cause weighing errors. Shock load detection alerts of harmful habits, allowing operators and management to address the issue When debris is detected, users are alerted directly to the source Temperature tracking and additional reporting capabilities give a better picture of scale conditions and use to management Smart load cells alert operators directly to...

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 11

PowerDeck has solved the most common floor scale problems and turned your weighing equipment into a key point of information gathering in your bulk production line. Stay ahead of your competition, with the next generation of floor scale technology – PowerDeck. Improvements for Every Area of Your Operation: Real-Time Operator Guidance Rugged & Precise Half the Maintenance Visibility through Diagnostics Watch the Video:

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ - 12

PowerDeck™ floor scale general specificationThe new PowerDeck™ PFD7__floor-scale family combines advanced POWERCELL® technology, aredesigned fully sealed platform and smart applications to boost your productivity. Model * Specify when ordering METTLER TOLEDO Group Industrial Division Local contact: Subject to technical changes © 01/2018 METTLER TOLEDO, All rights reserved Document Number 30334660 Marcom Industrial

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