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InPro® 3100 / InPro® 3100UD pH-electrodes with temperature compensation for biotechnology and pharmaceutical processes Technical Data Short description Low-maintenance pH electrodes of the InPro 3100 series from METTLER TOLEDO come complete with a gel electrolyte reference system and built-in temperature sensor to allow reliable and accurate, temperaturecompensated pH measurement. It is also possible to install the version InPro 3100UD through the bottom or floor of a vessel or tank, i.e. in an upside-down position. Electrodes of the InPro 3100 series are specially directed towards applications in biotechnological processes under sterile conditions, reflected by the broad scope of technical features incorporated: – InPro 3100 electrodes are entirely autoclavable or in-situ sterilizable. – The outstanding pressure-resistance of up to 6 bar fully covers the pressure range normally encountered in industrial bioprocesses, making the electrodes ideal for universal use in this field. – The built-in temperature sensor allows automatic temperature compensation both during calibration and during actual measurement procedure. – The patented silver-ion barrier, integrated into the reference system, avoids contamination and clogging of the diaphragm with black silver sulfide during measurement in process media containing sulfur compounds or proteins (e.g. amino acids) – The InPro3100UD version is intended for bottom-entry installation. An air-cushion system in the reference electrolyte eliminates any possible disturbance at the diaphragm caused by air bubbles in the electrolyte. – The InPro 3100 is not recommended for measurement tasks in media of low conductivity. – VarioPin (VP) connector (IP 68) in heavy-duty PEEK-based material – Certification following the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC, Art. 3, §. 3). – Certification for hazardous areas: Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4/T3 Ga/Gb, SEV 14 ATEX 0168 X, IECEx SEV 14.0025X – FM approval: IS / I, II, III / 1 / ABCDEFG / T6 Specifications Ordering information pH-electrodes / cables / pH buffer solutions Recommended housings Compatibility with METTLER TOLEDO transmit

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pH-electrodes with temperature compensation Specifications Measuring range Temperature pH 0…14 0…80 °C for operation 0…140 °C for sterilization (0...130 °C for InPro 3100UD) over pressure of max. 6 bar (87 psi) Argenthal (Ag/AgCl) gel electrolyte 1 ceramic diaphragm HA, high alkali glass quality ˘ 12 mm VarioPin (VP), Pg 13.5 thread IP 68 Pressure resistance Reference system Reference electrolyte Diaphragm Glass membrane Glass shaft Plug head VP protection rating Ordering information Cables (open ends) Standard temperature (– 20…80 °C/–4…176 °F) pH buffer solutions Buffer pH = 4.01 (red)...

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pH-electrodes with temperature compensation Transmitters A wide range of transmitters can be offered to complete the METTLER TOLEDO / INGOLD measurement system, including a 4 wire version for universal AC/DC power supply, or alternatively in 2-wire versions, with or without HART® or Profibus® communication, of standard or explosion-proof (EEx) design. Pg 13.5 thread Washer, PTFE O-ring (Silicone), 10.5 x 2.7 mm 12 mm 0.47" Silver-ion trap Reference electrolyte Air tube (only for InPro 3100UD) Argenthal reference element Diaphragm pH-sensitive glass Temperature sensor 3

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METTLER TOLEDO Market Organizations Sales and Service: Australia Mettler-Toledo Ltd. 220 Turner Street Port Melbourne AUS - 3207 Melbourne / VIC Phone +61 1300 659 761 Fax +61 3 9645 3935 e-mail France Mettler-Toledo Analyse Industrielle S.A.S. 30, Boulevard de Douaumont F - 75017 Paris Phone +33 1 47 37 06 00 Fax +33 1 47 37 46 26 e-mail Germany Mettler-Toledo GmbH Prozeßanalytik Ockerweg 3 D - 35396 Gießen Phone +49 641 507 444 Fax +49 641 507 397 e-mail Brazil Mettler-Toledo Ind. e Com. Ltda. Avenida Tamboré, 418 Tamboré BR - 06460-000...

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