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IND690batch - 1

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your production process without resorting to a complex multi-component dosing unit? Then you need the simplicity of the IND690batch: the compact solution for up to 50 formulas with up to 32 components each. Easy to instal and user-friendly, it offers fast precision dispensing with the flexibility to accommodate your changing needs.

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IND690batch - 2

The right formula every time. Accurate automation with IND690batch ensures reproducibility. • Rugged, sealed housing provides IP69K protection • BIG WEIGHT® display – easy to read even from a distance • Smooth membrane keypad for long life and ease of cleaning • Compatible with 4different scales for extremely accurate dispensing • Codes A–F for clear identification of the formula data • Interfaces allow easy connection of external systems Ident C ■ Fast and accurate formula processing The combination of fast data transmission, adaptable filters for tough conditions and separate weighing and...

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IND690batch - 3

Instant accuracy with IND690batch Avoids the labour and cost of materials trials. FORMULA CALLED FORHULA NO. : 05 NAME : SPECIAL-MIXTURE COMPONENT NO.! 01 NAME TARG LIMI LIME TOLi END TIMER! VALVE! OUTPUT 2 i IMLIEi OUTPUT 2 PHASE! ■ Fully automatic formula weighing Upgrade from manual to fully automatic weighing with IND690batch. Just connect coarse and fine feed valves for the individual components to the two relay boxes, and you're in business. ■ Safety The IND690batch continuously controls material flow by monitoring dispensing. If the 8-690 relay box is ever cut off from the IND690,...

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IND690batch - 4

Technical data for IND690batch application software Function keys N Enter item counter start and end values TOTAL Output/print total and statistics MANUAL Manual redispensing FORMULA Load and process formulas STOP Interrupt or discontinue dispensing START Start or continue dispensing IND690batch functions Formula weighing Automatic weighing of batch of any weight, with up to 32 different components chosen from a maximum total of 999. Formulas may be divided into up to 32 phases. Up to 4 weighing platforms in use may be controlled directly; the platform number can be entered for each...

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