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Compact Weighing Systems - 1

Compact Weighing Systems Industrial Compact Systems The ICS4 and ICS6 Family Modular and Versatile Fast and Precise Robust and Reliable For Dry and Wet Environments Tailored Solutions for Your Industrial Applications

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Compact Weighing Systems - 2

One Family Versatile Use The ICS product family is a highly modular product range consisting of a large variety of terminals and platforms to best fulfill your specific requirements. From simple weighing to integrated solutions with multiple components including third party devices – a wide range of configurations are possible. The right solution tailored to the specific needs of your application in any industrial environment. Filling, Classifying, Counting, Over/Under-Checkweighing, Basic Weighin Dry, Dusty Manufacturing Compact Weighing Sytem

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Compact Weighing Systems - 3

Maximum Versatility The ICS6 Excellence level terminals enable you to manage complex systems with a high degree of flexibility and easy setup. With the ability to control up to four platforms and a wide range of interface options, your investment will help maximize profits Highest Throughput while providing long-life, high up- The ICS4 Standard level scales are time quality weighing equipment. available with a variety of keypad and housing options to allow a customized solution perfectly tailored to your specific weighing tasks. The software supports a range of applications including...

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Compact Weighing Systems - 4

Smart Applications I Optimize Your Processes Meet Your Toughest Requirements The ICS scale family is designed to integrate easily into your weighing process. It offers a broad range of solutions for your checkweighing, counting or quality assurance applications. Make your choice, select your optimal combination and raise your throughput, increase process security and improve your product and delivered quality. Reliable Counting Quality Checks by Weight When verifying inventory, packaging or confirming production quantities, every part is important. METTLER TOLEDO counting solutions ensure...

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Compact Weighing Systems - 5

Flexible and Mobile All ICS4 and ICS6 models can be equipped with WLAN technology. In combination with an optional built-in rechargeable battery, the scales can easily be moved and placed where they best fit into the process. The state of the art Lithium-Ion battery technology ensures many hours of continuous operation. Compact Weighing Sytems

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Compact Weighing Systems - 6

High Throughput and Reliable Processes Speed counts in today’s competitive environment. Manufacturers need not only to deliver error free, high-quality products, but to produce with high throughput. With the ICS4 and ICS6 Industrial Compact Scales you can achieve both. Benefit from an intuitive user menu with easy-to-use weighing and counting applications and superior weighing performance for fast and accurate results. Increase Speed Ensure Accuracy While counting pieces or checking completeness using a weighing system, operators typically have to concentrate intensely on the terminal...

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Compact Weighing Systems - 7

colorWeight® Speeds up production Save time and money with the smart col- above target ored display making weighing applications such as completeness checks, portioning, classifying and counting simple, fast and less error prone. The colorWeight® display below target indicates at a glance if weight or count is below, within or above target. Compact Weighing Sytems

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Compact Weighing Systems - 8

Hygienic Design Resist Wet and Harsh 24/7 for Fast and Complete Washdown From light wet to harsh washdown conditions - it doesn’t matter. The stainless steel platforms and terminals of the ICS4 and ICS6 series provide a flexible and rugged solution for a wide range of weighing tasks. All parts have been engineered and manufactured according to the latest hygienic design guidelines resulting in a construction without closed cavities or sharp edges and with minimum horizontal surfaces. This allows easy, fast and efficient cleaning. Designed for Harsh Conditions Configurable to your...

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Compact Weighing Systems - 9

Built for Efficient Cleaning IP69K protected terminals and hermetic sealed loadcells engineered in conjunction with platform designs conforming to the latest hygienic guidelines, enable efficient and easy cleaning access to all areas. ■ Stainless Steel Construction ■ No Open Threads ■ Smooth Surface Finish ■ Minimized Horizontal Surfaces ■ Full Penetration Welding mettler Toledo Compact Weighing Sytems

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Compact Weighing Systems - 10

Data Management Integrated Data Handling Fast, Reliable and Traceable Accurate weighing is important, but so is weighing data integration. Easily manage articles, materials and related parameters on the scale or a connected computer. Capture weighing results and other relevant data on the scale, print them on customizable labels or securely transfer them to your data management system to document and monitor your process. Proven Traceability Whether legally required or specified by customers, today traceable processes are standard. Ensure full traceability of your weighing process with a...

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Compact Weighing Systems - 11

Easy Connectivity Connect your scale via Ethernet, WLAN or USB for easy data transfer and connect a barcode reader (via RS232 or USB) for secure material identification. Customizable Label Printing Customize printing labels to meet customer and industry requirements with the easy-to-use label editor in the DatabICS software. Ensure traceable printing of weighing or counting results and process identification. Real-time Monitoring Visualize your weighing results from anywhere in real-time with the software Collect+. Capture statistical quality control data with FreeWeigh. Net PC software....

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Compact Weighing Systems - 12

Hazardous Area Weighing Safe and Accurate Weighing In Hazardous Areas Three considerations are important in potentially explosive environments: Is the weighing process safe and compliant? Does it deliver accurate results? And can it be handled efficiently? The intrinsically safe ICS4_6x-Series combi bench scales deliver all three aspects and ensure safe, accurate and efficient weighing in hazardous areas. Full Protection Best Usability The ICS4_6x-Series combi bench scales enable safe and efficient operations in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1/21 and Division 1. The intrinsically safe...

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