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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation


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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 1

Filling & Dispensing Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation 1 Increasing Efficiency and Safety Process and Quality Control 2 Filling of Pharmaceuticals Big and Small on One Machine 3 Statistical Process Control Improve Machine Performance 4 High Precision Weighing Assuring Top Performance 5 Performance in Quality Control Fully Automated Preparation

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 2

Highest Accuracy Process Control and Quality Of High-Performance Battery Assembly Keeping up with the forecasted battery cell quantities, machine builders must design highly automated manufacturing lines capable of fulfilling market demand. A highprecision weighing system ensures reliable measurement results for increasing production efficiency. Core steps influencing battery quality That means the requirements on the lead to millions of dollars lost per 0.1% weighing system are very high, as an overfilling within one year, METTLER Starting from simple raw materials and accuracy of less...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 3

Electrode Assembling Mixing the Slurry Battery Packing Electrical Welding rameter for the overall functionality of the battery is the purity of the coated material. Weighing helps to detect inclusions in the material layer and prevent the development of short-circuits within the electrode, which can lead to dangerous accidents. Customers rely on the highest-resolu-tion technology of our WMF weigh module for in-production quality control. Safety and failures affect company image After the electrodes are stacked, the fine-filling procedure, which leads to finished battery cells, is performed...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 4

Big and Small on One Machine The Reason for Being Cutting Edge Our customer, a filling machine manufacturer, used the new WMS Weigh Modules to create a compact and scalable weighing system with multiple tracks. It weighs very small and very large vials fast and accurately on the same machine. In addition the weigh modules carry heavy preload caused by the special weighing pan. For many years, our customer has been Their filling machines for syringes, bot- High quality at all levels of the company one of the world‘s leading companies tles and vials with volumes up to 1 liter is one of many...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 5

rying a special heavy weighing pan for various container formats and for weigh- Our customers’ engineers, by employ- ing both small and large containers ac- ing multiple WMS weigh modules in curately. When the requirements are parallel, have turned a scalable weigh- such, the approximate weighing time is ing system into a reality. Individual a mere 0.3 seconds per weighing pro- weighing points can be added or re- cess. Despite the high-speed weighing moved from the machine without any technology, several modules needed to problem. In the event of a failure, the be arranged in parallel to be...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 6

Dispenser Calibration Improve Machine Performance Efficient Dispenser Adjustment Gets It Right Accurate dispensing of the smallest amounts of liquid is essential for reaching outstanding LED purity and coloring. WKC weigh modules are an excellent choice for fast, accurate calibration and adjustment of the dispensing device. Improving efficiency Due to requirements for lower power • Accurate CIE (Commission interna- consumption and higher quality in the tionale de l’éclairage) values, which Highly efficient machines can deliver production of LEDs, our customers are new ways of extracting as...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 7

Adaptable weighing pan A detachable weighing plat- Integrated calibration Robust housing form with threaded holes al- WKC weigh modules feature Fully enclosed stainless-steel an internal test weight. This en- housing protects the weigh custom weighing pans. ables a weigh-module adjust- Fast installation module against aggressive ment if deviation is detected. sealing and coated connection cable enables fast com- missioning and reliable data communication. of the liquid dot (Figure 1). By using this Achieve the same benefits highly accurate weighing feedback, they Learn how you can offer...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 8

High Precision Weighing Assuring Top Performance with Portable Calibration Solution Hamilton Bonaduz AG is a premium provider for automated liquid-handling solutions. They have comprehensive verification procedures in place to ensure specified performance over the entire life cycle of their laboratory instruments. The pipetting performance is verified with portable WXS high-precision weigh modules at the final quality control and for preventive maintenance. The daily use of the WXS weigh modules as portable verification instruments is plausible proof of its robust design. The Hamilton...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 9

WXS weigh modules Systems used for pipetting liquids which require a high safety level can be module from METTLER TOLEDO is one equipped with a permanently installed of several key components that ensures WXS weigh module. This allows verifi- the highest quality in automated pi- cation of pipetting heads anytime it is petting of liquids for analytics and re- needed. The weigh module has two in- search. Hamilton is very satisfied with tegrated calibration weights. This en- ables the accuracy and functionality ing capability with integrated calibra- of the weigh module to be verified be- tion...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 10

Weighing Components Compact Robot for Pipette Calibration Small Weigh Module Saves Space A very compact robot cell replaces tedious low added-value manual operations whenever a large amount of samples need to be weighted or pipettes have to be calibrated. The ultra small sized weigh module was easy to integrate into the cell. It saves space and leaves room for more pallets with products or additional measuring devices. Asyril SA is a Swiss company focused of miniaturized robotic systems, such as the PocketDelta for example. This robot mechatronical devices for automation. won the Swiss...

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7 Solutions for Improved Weighing Automation - 11

The very compact robot from Asyril can be used for automatic weighing including sorting and sample identification. o perations whenever a large amount of The space for the weighing device was samples needed to be measured to cal- very limited. Therefore Asyril decided to ibrate pipetting systems use the very small sized WMC weigh module which has a foot print of 25 by Asyril built a compact table-top cell of 65 mm only. This saves valuable space i nside the robot cell to leave room for Delta robot. The very compact robot cell a llocating other measuring devices or hosts several paletts of...

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