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Family Flyer Turbidity Measurement Systems

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Leading Process Analytics InPro 8000 Sensor Series Improved product quality and process reliability Increased productivity Easy handling Enhanced process control In-line Turbidity Measurements For More Visibility Into Your Process

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Innovative Mettler-Toledo Ingold turbidity systems represent a further step forward in providing efficient equipment for in-line process control. Leading-edge technology for reliable measurements allows superior results in shorter time. High product quality at Accurate turbidity measurements through highly sensitive scattered light detection capture unwanted particles even in seemingly clear liquids. Product quality after filtra- tion is significantly improved and A wide linear measuring range due to unique backscatter light technology provides reliable fermentation control of your complete...

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Versatile Solutions to Cover your Needs! The complete INGOLD turbidity portfolio is the answer to any requirement for measuring undissolved particles. Innovative solutions tailored to your applications guarantee an outstanding performance and cost savings through From haze to clarity: extensive range of sensors available - Wide measurement range at high particle concentration - High resolution at medium - High process safety even at - Ideal for trend monitoring of particle size distribution in filters High turbidity highest quality standards - Sensors carry their own calibration data - Easy...

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Backscatter Sensors Wide Measurement Range at High Particle Concentration The single optical fiber sensor series InPro® 8100 and its basic version InPro® 8050 provide a wide linear measuring range – even at values where competitive absorbance probes have long reached their saturation limits. optical fiber Backscattered light technology enables a sensor design with uniform, unbroken surface structure. Therefore, METTLER TOLEDO probes are able to meet the toughest demands placed on optical sensors with respect to freedom from fouling and with easy cleanability. Single optical fiber: emitted...

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High Resolution at Medium Turbidity optical fibers The dual optical fiber sensor series InPro® 8200 combines high resolution at low turbidity ranges with high linearity in the mid turbidity range. Two optical fibers: for emitted and backscattered light. Based on backscattered light technology, InPro 8200 series sensors are free of surface cutouts, and are equipped with an optical sapphire window to minimize sensor fouling and provide fiber protection in the presence of abrasive particles. All sensors are fully compatible with METTLER TOLEDO housings. These sensors are specially designed...

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High Process Safety The low turbidity sensor series ties accurate measurements with user-friendly configuration technology in the low turbidity range. High process safety is made possible by color compensation with ratio measurements. Forward scattered light sensors: Ratio measure- Forward scatter sensors are ideal for detection of larger particles measurement of forward scattered and direct light allows compensa- tion of color changes. Forward scattered light detector Light source Forward scattered light Direct light These are key features typically required in the industrial process...

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Best Product Quality With the Turbidity/Color Sensor The innovative lnPro®8600 sensor combines accurate optical technology with advanced measurement electronics in one compact sensor head, and provides highly reliable measurements at reduced installation costs. Digital sensor - Innovative wireless configuration enables convenient installation - Digital measurement technology for highest accuracy and fast signal response - Optional color (yellowness) ver- sion reduces costs and simpli- fies installation Sideward scattered light detector Light source Typical application areas - Real-time...

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Visit our website at any time for fast and competent information. The very latest, updated product and support documentation is available in many different languages. Support center with easy • User manuals/data sheets ■rawH PM«ili »MI Afipnr jnnni Visit our website for fast and competent Find and download product • Product News • Industry Newsletters • Application News Country-specific information access to your local support Search functionality • Enter keyword to find requested information For on-line access click on • Request more information Visit for more information Management System...

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