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Degassed Cation Conductivity

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Degassed Cation Conductivity DCC1000 System All conductivity measurements Calculated pH and CO2 Trend graphs Faster plant startups Degassed Cation Conductivity Measurement Reliable Cycle Chemistry Monitoring

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DCC1000 System for Precise detection of Corrosive Contaminants The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton DCC1000 System offers a new design for conductivity measurement for power cycle chemistry monitoring. By providing conductivity measurement in compliance with ASTM D4519, this system provides assurance of water purity to maximize power production and minimize corrosion. Unambiguous measurement of trace levels of corrosion-causing contaminants is enabled with minimal operator supervision. Features P • recise detection of corrosive contaminants F • aster plant start-ups and simpler turbine warranty...

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Applications Feed water and steam monitoring during plant startup enable the best decisions to be made on increasing load. By monitoring specific, cation and degassed conductivity, the technician can ensure the water quality is adequate to bring the plant online. Power steam quality monitoring ensures contaminant limits specified in turbine warranties are met. By eliminating interference from CO2 and ammonia, the degassed cation conductivity measures the level of contaminants that turbine manufacturers are concerned about. Power condensate monitoring can help distinguish air in-leakage from...

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DCC1000 System for Conductivity and Contamination Detection With accurate and reliable conductivity measurements using UniCond sensors with ISM, the DCC1000 System confirms water purity to maximize power production and minimize corrosion. Conductivity – a key measurement Conductivity measurement is the method for determining the concentration of dissolved ionic species present in sample water. Ultrapure water is very poorly ionized with conductivity as low as of 0.055 uS/cm. Even if a small amount of contaminant (for example, NaCl) is added, the conductivity increases substantially. Such...

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Optimized design to meet the challenge The DCC1000 System uses the latest technology in conductivity measurement to accurately and reliably measure conductivity at each stage of sample conditioning to give insight into the cycle chemistry (figure 2). UniCond sensors used in the DCC1000 are the best available for the measurement of conductivity in pure waters, giving the great- est accuracy at the lowest levels of detection. With ISM features such as having the measurement circuit close and inseparable from the sensor elements, the UniCond sensor can deliver enhanced accuracy and greater...

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DCC1000 System DCCIOOO System Product Specifications 31.5' [800mm] Sample Inlet ooooo o ooo o ooooo ooooo 0 oooo ooooo o oooo Front View Side View NOTE: 1. All dimensions are in inches (mm) unless otherwise noted. 2. Sample tubing: 1/4' OD 3. Sample inlet connection: 1/4' OD SS-316 bulkhead union Sensor: UniCond® with ISM®Specifications Accuracy Pt 1000 RTD, IEC 60751, Class A, with NIST-traceable calibration Temperature accuracy Titanium, PEEK Response time 90% of value in <5 s Signal to transmitter

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Transmitter: Multi-parameter M800 transmitter with ISM® Electrical Specifications Current (analog) outputs 8 X 0/4 to 20 mA, 22 mA alarm, galvanically isolated from input and from earth/ground Analog output accuracy Analog output configuration Linear, Bi-linear, Logarithmic, Autoranging Analog output load Digital communication User interface Color touchscreen 5.7” Resolution 320 X 240 px 256 colors Update time (meas. update rate) Hold input Alarm control delay Connection terminal Spring cage terminals appropriate for AWG 16-24/0.2 mm2 wires 4-SPST mechanical rated at 250VAC, 3 Amps (Relay 1...

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Description DCC1 OOP System, 100-140 VAC DCC1000 System, 200-240 VAC Consumables Cation resin, 1L    58 084 021 Visit tor more intormation METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, Inc. 900 Middlesex Turnpike, Bldg. 8 Billerica MA 01821 USA Tel +1-781-301-8600 Fax. +1-781-301-8701 Toll Free +1-800-510-PURE (US & Canada Only) Subject to technical changes ©Mettler-Toledo Thornton Printed in USA 58 087 038 Rev A 1/2015

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