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Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer

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Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer 3000CS Analyzer Trace sensitivity Low maintenance Grab sample capability Fully automatic calibration Automated Chloride/Sulfate Measurement Sensitive and Reliable

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Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer 3000CS Analyzer for Detection of Corrosive Contaminants in Water The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 3000CS Analyzer is a reliable on-line instrument designed to directly measure chlorides and sulfates in pure water and power cycle chemistry samples. This analyzer enables monitoring of these highly corrosive contaminants to assist in corrosion control and minimizing damage to critical plant equipment. Early, unambiguous detection of trace levels of these contaminants is enabled with minimal operator supervision. Features • Intuitive touchscreen interface • Simultaneous...

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Boiler feedwater monitoring to ensure contaminant levels are within limits in the water/steam cycle. Boiler blowdown can be activated if needed to control contaminant levels. Condensate monitoring at condensate polisher, to detect breakthrough of contaminants and deterioration of sulfonated cation resin. Makeup water quality monitoring, to ensure that contaminant levels are within acceptable limits before the water is introduced in the water/ steam cycle.

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Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer 3000CS Analyzer Reliable Operation Operation In the analyzer, the sample passes through an overflow assembly that assures a fresh sample is always available af the start of each measurement cycle. The sample is loaded along with a standard and an electrolyte onto a cartridge in the analyzer. The ions ot the contaminants are separated by applying high voltage and pass by a conductivity cell, which calculates the concentration of ions based on the conductivity measured. The measurement is made, the display and outputs are updated and the cycle repeats. The operator...

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3000CS ANALYZER DIMENSION DIAGRAM DIMENSIONS IN INCHES [mm] Note: Allow 100mm [4in] on left of analyzer for door opening. Allow 38mm [1.5in] on right for ventilation

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Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer 3000CS Analyzer Product Specifications Measurement Range    0-500 ppb Accuracy    Chloride: ± 5% of reading ±0.5 ppb, typical Sulfate: ± 5% of reading ±1 ppb, typical Measurement cycle time 45 min typical, programmable between 15 minutes and 1 hour Sample flowrate    25-50 mL/min Grab sample measurement 100 mL capacity

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Outputs Analog outputs    8 Powered 0/4-20 mA, 22 mA alarm, 500 ohm max load, not for use with externally powered circuit Analog output accuracy    ±0.05 mA Analog output scaling    Linear, bi-linear, logarithmic (1,2,3,4 decades), auto ranging Relay contacts    Mechanical rated at 250 VAC, 3 Amps (Relay 1 NC, Relay 2 to 4 NO), 4-SPDT Type Reed 250 VAC or DC, 0.5 Amps (Relay 5 to 8) Installation/Power/Enclosure Operator interface    Color touchscreen; simultaneous display of ion concentrations and measurement or auto-cal timing status Process connections    Sample inlet: 1/4" or 6 mm OD...

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Includes 2-month supply of reagents, cartridge, and calibration standard solution. Service, Spare Parts and Accessories Consumables, 2 months - reagents, cartridge, calibration 58 091 401 standard solution Kit, calibration    58 091    402 METTLER TOLEDO Thornton, Inc. 900 Middlesex Turnpike, Bldg. 8 Billerica, MA 01821 USA Tel +1-781-301-8600 Fax. +1-781-301-8701 Toll Free +1-800-510-PURE (US & Canada Only) Subject to technical changes © 09/16 Mettler-Toledo Thornton Printed in USA 58 087 055 Rev A 09/16 Visit for more information pending pending

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