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Automated Silica Analyzer

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Leading Pure Water Analytics Fully automatic calibration Trace sensitivity Grab sample capability Automated Silica Measurement

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Silica Analyzer 2800Si Silica Analyzer for Contamination Detection in Water Treatment The Thornton 2800Si Silica Analyzer is a reliable on-line instrument designed specifically for pure water treatment and power cycle chemistry monitoring. This Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to optimize ion exchange production of pure water and to minimize silica deposition in turbines. Early detection of trace contamination is enabled with minimal operator supervision. Features • Automatic, unattended calibration • Provides excellent repeatability and saves operator time • Automatic zeroing...

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Pure water treatment anion exchange monitoring detects the first breakthrough of silica to trigger regeneration before contamination reaches subsequent treatment stages. Power steam quality monitoring protects turbines from silica deposition and resulting imbalance, loss of capacity and efficiency. Silica measurement and control may also be needed to meet turbine manufacturer warranty requirements. Power condensate polisher monitoring can detect the need for regeneration at low ppb levels before feedwater is significantly contaminated.

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Silica Analyzer 2800Si Silica Analyzer Reliable Operation Operation In the analyzer the sample passes through an overflow assembly that assures a fresh up-to-date sample is always available at the start of each measurement cycle. A rinse period purges the previous sample from the reaction/measurement chamber and fills it with the current sample. The measurement is zeroed. Then, reagents are metered in and reaction time allowed to produce a color change proportional to silica concentration. Where phosphates are present, an additional reagent is included to minimize its interference. The...

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MOUNTING HOLES PROPER VENTALATION &DOOR CLEARANCE PROPER VENTALATION Note: Allow 100mm [4in] on left of analyzer for door opening. Allow 38mm [1.5in] on Visit the competence center

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Product Specifications Resolution 4 digits with decimal, auto-ranging; 0.001 ppb in lowest range Accuracy ± 5% of reading ±1 ppb, typical Measurement cycle time Adjustable, 20 min typical Reagent consumption Approx. 4 L per 3 months with 20 min measurement cycle time Sample pressure 0.3-7 bar (5-100 psig) Zero calibration Automatic, every measurement cycle Span calibration Automatic per schedule; once per month, typical Grab sample measurement 1 L capacity

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Analog output Powered 0/4-20 mA, 22 mA alarm, 500 ohm max load, not for use with externally powered circuit Analog output accuracy ±0.05 mA Analog output scaling Linear, bi-linear, logarithmic (1,2,3,4 decades), auto ranging Relay contacts two unpowered, SPDT, 250 VAC/30VDC, 3 A resistive, freely assignable to set point for silica; other relays used for measurement and auto-cal Operator interface 4-lineb acklitL CD, 5 tactile keys;s imultaneousd isplay ofs ilicac oncentration and measurement or auto-cal status Process connections Sample inlet: 1/4" or 6 mm OD tube SS compression fitting...

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2800Si Silica Analyzer Ordering Information Description Includes 3-month supply of dry reagents* and 1 L of 250 ppb silica calibration standard solution. Sulfuric acid, 10% w/w, 10 L (used with dry reagents) Spare Parts and Accessories Consumables, 6 months – dry reagents*, pump tubing, air filters, for measuring samples with phosphates. Eight liters of 10% sulfuric acid are also required to complete the reagent complement. Consumables, 6 months – dry reagents*, pump tubing, air filters, for measuring samples without phosphates. Eight liters of 10% sulfuric acid are also required to...

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