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7000RMS Real-Time Microbial Detection - 2 Pages

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7000RMS Real-Time Microbial Detection

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Microbial Detection Analyzer Continuous At-Line Microbial Monitoring For Pharmaceutical Waters Real-time Microbial Detection Results every two seconds, no sample preparation or incubation required. Improve Process Control Monitor and react to system trends prior to an out-of-specification event. High Sensitivity Measurement of individual cells, reported as auto fluorescent units (AFU). Touch screen display with intuitive interface and user-defined alarm thresholds. 7000RMS Real-Time Microbial Detection Advanced laser-induced fluorescence technology provides a direct cell count of microorganisms present in pharma-grade waters. Overcoming limitations of growth-based laboratory methods that are an estimation of microbial presence and dependant on time and incubation conditions. Counts microorganisms from as small as 0.50 microns and accepts direct input line temperatures of up to 90 ºC. The 7000RMS delivers 24/7 monitoring of water treatment, storage tanks, distribution loops, points-ofuse and clean-in-place processes. See more about the 7000RMS at:

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Applications Continuous monitoring of PW, WFI and UPW General Specifications • Distribution loops Sample flow rate 30mL/min Biological detection limit AFU (Auto Fluorescent Units) 1 Minimum detection size ≥ 0.5µm Measurement range 0-10,000 total counts/mL Data report interval 2 seconds (1mL) Data communication -Ethernet - standard RJ 45 / Wi-Fi capable -SCADA connectivity via Modbus TCP -2 analog output channels; 4-20mA standard, user software with configurable output ranges Operational environment (non-condensing) Up to 37°C (98.6° F) • Sub loops • Point-of-Use • Return loops •...

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