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Trellex FLEXOPIPE® – flexible, unique, ecological! Conveyor belt systems of enclosed material transport are an excellent solution to various conveying problems. Metso is Europe’s leading and most experienced supplier of belts for enclosed conveyor systems. Worldwide the belts are known under the trademark Trellex FLEXOPIPE®. Enclosed material transport Remarkable advantages of enclosed material transport compared to conventional troughed belt conveyors :  Horizontal and vertical curves enable the routing over difficult terrain conditions.  Fewer transfer points lead to smooth treatment of...

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The principle In the loading area the Trellex FLEXOPIPE® belt is troughed like conventional belts. After loading special idlers form the belt into a pipe shape with overlapped belt edges. The material being conveyed is completely enclosed by the belt. Hexagonally arranged idler rolls keep the belt closed over the track. Close to the conveyor head the belt opens out into a normal troughed belt supported by 3-roll idlers and runs flat over the discharge pulley to unload the material. In the return strand the belt closes again into a pipe where its overlapped edges in general are on the...

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The Trellex FLEXOPIPE® Belt Conveyor systems for closed material transport are demanding applications with high requirements for the conveyor belt. Trellex FLEXOPIPE® conveyor belts are specially developed for these systems. Trellex FLEXOPIPE® Steelcord Belts Trellex FLEXOPIPE® Steelcord belts incorporate additional reinforcements in crosswise direction. Their unique design is proven in industry and mining. Please contact Metso for more information. Trellex FLEXOPIPE® Textile Belts Depending on the required elasticity, belt strength and rigidity, Trellex FLEXOPIPE® belts can be produced...

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Cover grades Trellex FLEXOPIPE® conveyor belts offer a complete range of rubber covers allowing the useage in the whole field of mining or industrial applications. Enclosed transport of hot material does not allow heat exchange to the atmosphere, therefore material temperatures must be lower than in conventional installations. The table shows a selection of cover grades. Further cover grades available on request. Conveyor Solutions

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Conveyor parameters Key parameters to select the appropriate pipe diameters are the conveying capacity and lump size. Roll diameters and lengths are for standard (inline) design of the hexagon. Nominal pipe diameters and belt widths may vary from those values in the table depending on the OEM. The design of the pipe conveyor should consider the characteristics of the installed conveyor belt. The range of Trellex Flexopipe® belts comprises reinforcements with different elastic moduli. A more elastic belt allows narrower curves and shorter transition lengths (distance between pulley and first...

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Trellex FLEXOPIPE® Brochure - 8 For contact with your local Metso representative, visit Subject to alteration without prior notice.

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