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T) metso Expect results Thermal waste processing systems

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Hazardous waste processing facility in Israel. Rotary kiln technology Thermal waste processing systems The rotary kiln is the most efficient processing system for the drying, volume reduction and destruction of almost all types of wastes. The rotary kiln is in an inclined cylinder, which slowly rotates along its axis. As it rotates, material in the kiln is slowly tumbled and mixed. This mixing ensures that all of the material is exposed both to the high temperatures in the kiln and to the oxygen needed for combustion. Because of its high efficiency, the rotary kiln is the primary system for...

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The illustration shows the major components of a rotary kiln waste combustion system. Each part is designed based upon the type of waste to be processed. Feed system The feed system prepares wastes for feeding to the rotary kiln,monitors the rate of feed and isolates the feed from the atmosphere. The feed system can include solid waste loaders, sludge and liquid pumping systems, and gaseous injection systems. Rotary kiln The rotary kiln, through the slow tumbling action, dries the waste,removes the volatiles and burns the fixed carbon. The kiln speed, temperature and oxygen content can all...

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Turnkey, direct-fired 15 X 106 KCAL/HR waste incineration system, including boiler and air quality control system. Direct and indirect fired Kiln systems Process Flow and Controls The successful operation of a rotary kiln combustion system is very dependent upon all components of the system operating together. Starting from the waste to be processed, Metso Minerals utilizes its proprietary Heat and Mass balance program to model the system. The type of equipment to be used for gas tempering and the AQCS are selected and modeled. After the H&M balance is complete, a Process Flow Diagram (PFD)...

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Integrated indirect-fired rotary kiln and indirect-water film rotary cooler. Indirect heat rotary dryer used for waste processing. Typical installations Metso indirect-fired rotary kilns consist of a rotating shell enclosed by a stationary chamber or furnace. The material to be processed is fed into the rotating shell generally by a screw conveyor extending inside the shell. The shell contains tumblers which are normally welded in the inside surface of the shell. The tumblers extend through the length of the shell. The primary purpose of the tumblers is to mix the material and to minimize...

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Hazardous waste incinerator under construction in Thailand. Exceeding a century of expertise in Pyro Processing Our leadership in process systems technology has evolved through the integration of some of the world’s best known brands. Increase the economic values of ores, minerals, wastes, and related materials by changing their mechanical and/or chemical properties through Metso’s expertise in pyro processing systems and equipment. We are the only company that has the original drawings, specifications and calculations for pyro processing systems and equipment that have been installed under...

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Product support Project management Our project management group executes engineered projects worldwide with the goal of meeting customers’ requirements and expectations on schedule, cost, and quality. This group has a pool of qualified technical staff experienced in project management, process engineering, product design, plant layout and design, electrical and civil engineering, plant construction, plant start-up, and training of customer operators. Over 200 large engineered projects have been successfully completed for such systems as cement making, lime recovery kiln, iron ore...

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• Metso Minerals Industries Inc. 350 Railroad Street, Danville, PA 17821-2046, USA, Phone: +1 570 275 3050, Fax: +1 570 275 6789 • Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. 2715 Pleasent Valley Road, York, PA 17402, USA, Phone: +1 717 843 8671 • etso Minerals (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. M Private Bag X2006, Isando, Johannesburg,1600, South Africa, Phone: +27 11 961 4000, Fax: +27 11 397 2050 • Metso Minerals (Australia) Ltd. Level 2, 1110 Hay Street, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia, Phone: +61 8 9420 5555, Fax: +61 8 9320 2500 • Metso Minerals (India) Pvt Ltd 1th floor, DLF Building No. 10, Tower A, DLF...

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