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Spiral dewaterer Optimal for dewatering of solids in water treatment systems

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Dewatered solids Spiral dewaterer – optimal for dewatering of slag and mill scales Metso spiral dewaterer consists b ­ asically of an open trough with a ­ rrangements for collection of the products. The inlet flow is evenly spread out through a feed distributor. Coarse material settles and is c ­ ontinuously removed by means of the transport spiral. The material will be dewatered by drainage in the upper part of the spiral before discharge. The discharge launder for the dewatered material is easily adjusted between two positions, allowing alternative discharge into two ­ eparate bins. s...

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Feed distribution in a SD60-200. Spiral dewaterer

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Large pool area – for high flow applications Easy to install and maintain Typically for the spiral dewaterer is that the tank area is larger than for the spiral classifiers. This enables these machines to take on high flows with limited ­ olids content, applications very common for s different Industrial washing effluents. With the addition of in­ lined ­ c plate packs in the tank this gives settling areas from 8 up to 100 m2 ­ and flow rates up to 1600 m3/h. The spiral dewaterer is generally delivered as a pre­abricated unit f complete with stairs, handrails and platforms. The larger units...

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Spiral Dewaterer model - SD Metso spiral dewaterer model SD is a robust evolution of the spiral classifier for reliable operations in mill scale handling. The spiral dewaterer with special designed spiral and enlarged pool area is able to handle large flows of effluents, offering a well dewatered mill scale product and a clear overflow (typically 100 ppm). Lower shaft end bearing assembly Principle of inclined plate packs. Service platforms Optional service platforms and stairs can be provided to suit local conditions. Inclined plate packs In order to increase the sedimentation area of the...

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1. Stairs and service platform Power nominal volume Model H mm (inch) L mm (inch) W mm (inch) kW/hp ton (empty) m3 (ft3) Spiral dewaterer

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Spiral dewaterer

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