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Stationary & Semi-mobile crushing solutions Primary gyratory stations Stationary primary gyratory station Semi-mobile primary gyratory station

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Primary gyratory crushers Years of experience and thousands of primary gyratory installations combine to create the best gyratory the industry has to offer. Metso's SUPERIOR® gyratory crushers are built to help you meet the challenges of high-capacity primary crushing. With thousands of crushers operating in mines and quarries around the world, Metso has the experience and knowledge to provide a primary gyratory crusher with the best performance, highest throughput, and most efficiency. Low cost per ton In today's competitive market, environmental concerns and energy costs are on the rise....

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Stationary primary gyratory stations Stationary solutions for in-pit crushing With over a century of experience in primary gyratory crusher installations, Metso is the perfect partner for a complete stationary primary gyratory station solution. Metso has experience in the design and supply of primary gyratory stations made of either steel or concrete. Different locations favor one or the other with considerations such as : • Pit wall design • Local costs of concrete works • Site environmental conditions. Metso designs with a focus on reliability and maintainability. As designer of the...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 4

Stationary primary gyratory stations 4 Stationary and semi-mobile crushing solutions

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 5

Semi-mobile primary gyratory stations Semi-mobile solutions for in-pit crushing Metso capitalizes on decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of crushers and complete systems. We offer you an in-pit crushing solution with the goal of increasing productivity and profitability. Flexibilty and minimum handling We offer a complete range of semi-mobile solutions in mining and aggregate primary crushing applications. In-pit crushing minimizes material handling costs by reducing truck hauling requirements. The result is a minimum truck fleet with less manpower required. The ability...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 6

Semi-mobile primary gyratory stations Innovative design Semi-Mobile Primary Gyratory crusher station designed to meet strict industrial safety standards and with extensive maintenance access. Monorail for safe motor maintenance. Improved operator visibility from the control room when equipped with a complete automation system. Jib crane provides access to the dump hopper and assists with liner replacement. The crane rotates to the loading point on the ground for maintenance vehicle access. Rock breaker designed to reach the whole dump hopper reduces production downtime. 6 Stationary and...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 7

Semi-mobile primary gyratory stations Dedicated area to safely monitor and service the crusher per Metso recommendations. Tipping ramp access can be equipped with a complete automation system. Wet dust suppression systems are available in the dump hopper and discharge area to reduce environmental constraints. Stationary and semi-mobile crushing solutions

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 8

Maintenana platform Health, safety and environment State of the art safety features The perfect blend of experience and innovation Using our extensive experience in crushing equipment and processes, Metso has designed our fixed and semi-mobile stations with integration of best safety practices and ease of maintenance. Health, safety and environment are high priority concerns for Metso and they are addressed with the same sense of responsibility as quality, productivity, and cost efficiency. We are all responsible to conduct our operations in a way that is safe for site personnel and...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 9

Primary gyratory stations Tools Spider access platform Gives access to the spider and wear parts for inspection, maintenance and replacement. Main shaft access platform Support & access platform dedicated to ensure the replacement of the mantle in a safe and secure location. Stationary and semi-mobile crushing solutions

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 10

Primary gyratory stations Certified wearparts Metso certified wear parts will protect the gyratory and prolong its service life. Metso has strong research and development programs, particularly in areas of metallurgy and parts design. Metso wear parts are designed and produced with the latest designs and innovations and according to strict Metso quality standards. As a result, we have complete control over quality at every step of the process, from the selection of raw materials right through to final production. Adding value by lifecycle thinking Metso incorporates lifecycle thinking into...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 11

Process control and automation Automation Process control and automation is the most effective way to maximize productivity. With several offerings available, Metso is an expert in automating crushing stations and proposes several offerings. Automation and advanced control systems allow detailed reporting and on-line analysis of plant operations as well as increased operational safety. Equipped with advanced control systems such as Metso Cisa Visio Rock® and Visio Truck®, crushing operations are intelligently controlled for optimal ore processing and distribution. Metso’s VisioRock®...

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Primary Gyratory Stations Brochure - 12

Contact your local Metso representative Metso representative business card E-mail: Metso Minerals (France) S.A. 41, rue de la République, F-71009 Mâcon France. Tel: +33 3 85 39 62 00, Fax: +33 3 85 39 62 98 Subject to alteration without prior notice

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