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MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone Exceptional efficiency for optimized performance

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MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone - 2

Integrated packages for maximizing recovery, minimizing water Metso Beneficiation Solutions Metso Beneficiation Solutions for minerals processing aim for maximizing ore recovery while optimizing operations costs. Depleting high-grade ore deposits set new challenges related specifically to mineral processing. The industry is seeking solutions to optimize costs, improve efficiencies and find ways of doing sustainable & economically viable mining for long-term survival. From plant modules to complete solutions, Metso offers world class technology for the beneficiation of wide variety of ores...

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MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone - 3

Optimized process performance and uptime with MHC™ hydrocyclones Designed to improve complete classification package, the Metso’s MHC™ Series hydrocyclone responds to diverse needs, balancing grinding circuit cost and plant performance. High unit capacity Increased uptime MHC™ hydrocyclones Cutting edge solution enriching Metso’s classification capabilities The story of innovation and efficiency continues through entire Metso’s beneficiation solutions. Our world-class wet fine classification technologies help to increase efficiency, capacity and profitability in customer operations. The new...

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MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone - 4

Results from over 12,000 hours of field testing Why choose Metso MHC™ hydrocyclone? Equipped with world-class technology and several innovative features, the new range offers significant product advantages. Metso MHC™ hydrocyclone testing was performed at the pilot scale and at a copper concentrator in southwestern US. Inlet head design for increased capacity » » » » Developed in coordination with Metso’s simulation and modeling scientists using the latest CFD-DEM software Inlet head to promote smooth flow of material into the hydrocyclone, minimizing turbulence Increased unit capacity and...

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MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone - 5

Through our knowledge and experience, we work with our customers to create solutions that enable them to attain their objectives. We call this The Metso Way, which focuses on creating value to our customers. The Metso Way We have deep knowledge about our custmers’ business environment, processes and challenges Our committed and highly competent people make the difference to our customers We create the technology and services required to meet our customer needs Subject to alteration without prior notice. Brochure no. 3827-12-18-EN-MNG © Metso Inc.

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