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metso Expect results Metso QdX4TM Mill Drive system mechanical solution Up to 32 MW in horizontal mill comminution

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Set-up allowance Thermal expansion Mill body deformation 100% input power helical input pinion shaft 14 MW Bearing deformation Set-up allowance Drop charge Frozen charge Set-up allowance 50% power share helical gearwheel 7 MW 50% power share helical gearwheel 7 MW Thermal expansion Gear tolerance Foundation deformation Helical mill pinions The natural progression in gear/pinion mill drives: The Metso QdX4TM Mill Drive provides the next step in the evolution of change in mill drive architecture, while allowing the system to be built with components that are within current manufacturing...

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Economic value Overall cost savings • Foundation design requirements are very similar to dual pinion drive mills. • Significant time savings in installation and commissioning, leading to quicker mill availability. • Reduced equipment mass means a reduction in required shipping and lifting/crane capacities. • Reduction in capital, operating and maintenance spare parts. • Less complexity, simplifies training and specialized services. • Standard motor design • Robust design: Cast and machined housing • Helical gear design per AGMA standards • Standard input shaft size and keyed couplings •...

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Expect results It is our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. It is the attitude we share globally; our business is to deliver results to our customers, to help them reach their goals. metso Metso Minerals Industries, Inc., 2715 Pleasant Valley Road, York PA, 17402 USA, tel +1 717 843 8671, fax +1 717 845 5154. Subject to alteration without prior notice Brochure No. 3134-09-15-ESBL/Sala - English ©2015 Metso Printed in Canada

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