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Mechanical dewatering by pressure

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Mechanical dewatering by pressure As particles get finer the resistance against removing water increases. Gravity dewatering can no longer be used, pressure has to be used. By creating a differential pressure Dp across a cake of solids, liquid can be removed by: Compression: “Dewatering by compression means removing the liquid in a cake by compacting the cake structure”. Through blow “Dewatering by through blow means replacing the water in a cake with air”. For tube presses either compression or a combination of compression and air purge is used. Similarly by the same method, cake washing...

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Tube press The tube press is a membrane type filter press designed in cylindrical format and capable of o ­ perating at high filtration pressures up to 100 bar. The use of these high pressures enables a higher degree of separation of the liquid and solid phases. causing filtration to take place. When filtration is complete the hydraulic fluid is withdrawn from the Tube unit using vacuum ­ until the bladder is dilated against the casing. The tube press is suitable for the following applications: • Where the process requires very low cake moisture eg. smelters Air purge and/or cake wash can...

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Vertical plate pressure filter VPA The pressure filter model VPA is of "medium pressure" type operating in the pressure range of 6-10 bar. The machine mainly is based on the "air through blow" dewatering concept, whereby water is displaced by air as it passes through a filter cake. Simple mechanical construction the Metso piessure filter is a lea vy duty m i.a hine, de" eloped f s lilUaMon of metalli' minerals, industrial minerals, coal and tailings. The filter has simple mechanical construc-0 si and design, wiih f s modng pads. By using a pulling hydraulic < ylinder system for closing and...

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Drum vacuum filters Vacuum filtration is a well established technique used in industrial dewatering. Metso has successfully delivered and ­ installed many hundreds of rotary ­ acuum filters covering a v wide field of applications. Principal components of the drum filter model BTF 1. Cake discharge system counter weight and lever arms 2. Pneumatic diaphragm cylinder 3. Cylinder tensioning spring 4. Optical or pneumatic cloth edge sensor 5. Guide pulley 5 All rotary vacuum filters operate on a similar ­ rinciple. A pressure p differential between the surface and inside of the drum is applied...

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The range of rotary vacuum filters incorporates two basic design principles: The three key system features of the belt drum filter are thus: Metso’s filters are specially designed for high v ­ acuum ­ peration allowing very high air o flow rates. This results in: • Cake discharge – Higher capacities – Lower cake moisture – Extended application range Modularized components and equipment results in: – Flexibility in machine configuration – Features may be added or altered to accommodate process changes – Construction from proven, standard components – Simplified maintenance and parts...

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• Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. 2715 Pleasent Valley Road, York, PA 17402, USA, Phone: +1 717 843 8671 • etso Minerals (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. M Private Bag X2006, Isando, Johannesburg,1600, South Africa, Phone: +27 11 961 4000, Fax: +27 11 397 2050 • Metso Minerals (Australia) Ltd. Level 2, 1110 Hay Street, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia, Phone: +61 8 9420 5555, Fax: +61 8 9320 2500 • Metso Minerals (India) Pvt Ltd 1th floor, DLF Building No. 10, Tower A, DLF Cyber City, Phase - III, Gurgaon - 122 002, India, Phone: +91 124 235 1541, Fax: +91 124 235 1601 • Metso Perú S.A. Calle 5 Nro....

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